Dragon's Laire currently has one warband, the Legio I Draconis and its auxiliary cohort, the Storm Crows.

In the past, Dragon's Laire gave rise to the Myrmidons, which, as of August 2014, became a Kingdom level warband.

Dragon's Laire's combined warbands at Baroness' War, Vulcanfeldt Copyright James and Carole Simmons, 2014, used with permission

Legio I Draconis

Legio I Draconis presented itself to Their Excellencies at Last Chance, 2013 and petitioned to become one of the Dragon's Laire Warbands. Their petition was accepted with alacrity.

Over time the legion has grown, and now has an auxiliary cohort. Welcome to the Storm Crows; more on this auxiliary unit as they coalesce and form their presence.

The leader of the Legion is Primus Pilus Ermannerich Gouttemann, and the general our Baron, Proconsul Augusti Conchobar Mac Eoin.