Court Report for Candlemas, 2017

First of all I would like to thank THL Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos assisted with voice heraldry during court. Thanks also to Mistress Althaia filia Lazari, Dame Gwenllyen the Potter and THL Jess of the Roving Irishmen for assistance at court.

Morning Court:

  • The Event Steward, HL Jess of the Roving Irishmen made the usual event announcements.
  • The Baronial Arts & Sciences Minister, Mrq Laurellen de Brandevin made announcements pertaining to the day's A&S/Bardic competitions and the presentation of Scholar's papers.
  • Her Excellency, Baroness Elidh Keldeleth informed the populace of Their Majesties' need for braided cords for Kingdom awards. Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes had donated two large spools of cord for this purpose. Her Excellency Eildh invited the populace to make a few cords throughout the day for presentation to Their Majesties later in the day.
  • Dame Gwenllyen the Potter made announcements pertaining to the Largesse Display.
  • It was announced that THL Zahra bint al-Rammah would provide full service heraldic consulting throughout the day.
  • THL Ermenrich “Morgan” Goutmann was released from service as the Bardic champion and received the Dragon's Flame.
  • The day's competition began with the Invocation and bestowing of tokens to the competitors.

Evening Court:

  • Mrq Laurellen de Brandevin stepped down as Baronial Arts & Sciences Minister. Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol was installed as the new Arts & Sciences Minister.
  • Dame Gwenllyen the Potter stepped down as Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion and received the Dragon's Flame.
  • THL Thangbrand of Dragon's Laire was inducted as the new Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion.
  • Master Arion the Wanderer was inducted as the new Baronial Bardic Champion.
  • Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes, Maestra Aelianora de Wintringham and Lady Melissa of Damatia achieved Scholar status and were given Scholar's tokens by Their Excellencies.
  • THL Rycheza z Polska representing the Order of the Dragon's Pearls gave the Light of Scholarship to the other competitors in the day's competitions: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes, THL Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos and Kristopher.
  • Baron Dunstan M'Lolane of Glymm Mere apologized to HE Elidh Keldeleth in verse for an earlier perceived offense. He will redeem himself upon the fields at June Faire. Their Majesties were so impressed by his apology that he received a King's Favor for his effort.
  • Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes was presented with the scroll for her Mano Minos that had been given previously (Arontius & Laurellen, September 29 AS XLVII [2012])
  • THL Volk the Grey made an announcement about Honey War in Glymm Mere.
  • THL Stephen of House Awry presented the award coins for the Top 10 in Archery and Thrown Weapons as follows:
      Archery -
    • Arion (3rd Open, 3rd Period Recurve & 3rd York Handbow)
    • Alaricus (4th Open, 1st Period Recurve & 1st York Handbow)
    • Andras (6th Open & 7th York Handbow)
    • Loric (8th Open & 8 Longbow)
    • Bjorn (8th Crossbow)
    • Seamus (9th Crossbow)
    • Thomas of Salisbury (6th York Handbow)
    • Nicholas de Charme (2nd Youth)
    • Crystal (4th Youth)
      Thrown Weapons -
    • Ivan (4th place and 7th Atl-atl)
    • Arion (6th)
    • Marcel (8th)
    • Stephen (10th)
  • THL Rhiannon of Eagle's Flight presented table runners to Their Excellencies.
  • HE Conchobar MacEoin made Ajax a Praetorian (retinue) for his service to himself and the Barony, bestowing a cloak as a symbol of his station.
  • HE Conchobar MacEoin gave the Baron's Favor to both Decimus Marius Gavinus Brittanicus and THL Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos for their outstanding service.
  • Her Excellency Elidh Keldeleth gave Master Renart the Fox a statue that resembled him.
  • Maestra Aelianora de Wintringham received a Mano Minos.
  • TE Conchobar MacEoin gave thanks to all who worked and attended the event and gave inspirational words.
  • TE Conchobar MacEoin selected Ulrich and his household to host the Absent Friends place setting at the feast.
  • THL Arqai Ne'urin was inducted into the Order of the Wyvern.
  • Congratulations to the Dragon's Laire citizens who received awards in Royal Court:
    • HE Conchobar MacEoin - Jambe de Leon
    • Nolwenn of Dragon's Laire – Jambe de Leon
    • Chrysalis of Dragon's Laire – AoA
    • Amber of House Awry – Goutte de Sang

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Court Report for Yule Feast, 2016

Saturday,December 10, 2016 (AS LI)
Their Excellencies gave newcomers tokens
Roman shared the Baronial Toy Box
Largesse was exchanged
The Event Steward (THL Kloe of Thira) and her staff was thanked. She thanked her staff including the kitchen workers, teachers of classes during the day, the artisans who displayed work and all those who provided service in some way throughout the day.
The Myrmidons contract was renewed for another year (great court schtick)
THL Rhiannon of Eagle's Flight presented table runners to Their Excellencies with the Baronial device on them.
Their Excellencies gave thank you tokens to their retinue (names)
Sir Cedric Wlfraven made an announcement for the dessert auction to take place later in the evening
His Excellency Evrard de Valogne announced the upcoming Wyewood event
Their Excellencies stated that they would host the absent friends place setting in honor of THL Anya MacLachlan
Their Excellencies gave out thank you coins made by the An Tir Moneyer's Guild on behalf of Black Lion to those who helped with heraldry and scribal arts
THL Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos speaking ancient Greek announced her intent to compete for Baronial Bardic Champion
Crystal (Kloe's daughter) was presented an IKAC Youth Medallion from 2014

The following awards were given:
Dragon's Flame – Ermenrich Goutmann (left over from Last Chance Oct. 1, AS LI)
Snapdragon – Richard Everett (dated Jule 4, AS LI)
Bumblebee – Andromacha Tou Lѐsvos
Nolwenn of Dragon's Laire
Nautilus – Mateuz z Plocka
Elisabeth de Rossignol
Dragon's Pearl – Elisabeth de Rossignol

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Court Report for Last Chance, 2016

From Sensei Tsuruko:

  • Morning court
    • Event steward announcements
    • Invocation of the Lists for all disciplines (armored, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian)
  • Evening court
    • Event steward announcements
    • Their Excellencies thanked the event steward and her team
    • Her Excellency thanked the equestrians for traveling to Dragon's Laire and gave them treats for their horses
    • Dragon's Flame was given to the champions stepping down:
      • Armored – THL Ermenrich “Morgan” Goutmann
      • Rapier – Don Christopher Stanley
      • Archery – Sir Andras Truemark
      • Thrown Weapons –THL Conrad Ross
      • Equestrian – THL Ivan Leskov
    • Mrq Laurellen de Brandevin announced that letters of intent for the Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship are due by 12^th Night.
    • THL Theodoric the Scholar made an announcement about the Arts & Sciences Day on Nov. 5
    • Master Arion the Wanderer gave a bracelet to THL Thangbrand for his Dragon's Pearl that was given at June Faire. Master Arion was thanked for his generosity.
    • THL Andromach Tou Lѐsvos gave the results of the Chivalry Prizes for all 5 disciplines
    • Milo was recognized for his outstanding service at Baroness War
    • THL Heinrich Brummbar was given the Dragon's Lilly from Arontius & Laurellen's reign dated 27 Sept XLIX.
    • The new Champions were inducted
      • Armored – Centurion Decimus Marius Gavinus Brittanicus
      • Rapier – Gareth Hir
      • Archery – THL Kloe of Thira
      • Thrown Weapons – THL Stephen of House Awry
      • Equestrian – THL Ivan Leskov
    • Her Excellency gave gifts for their inspirations to the new champions
    • His Excellency closed court with inspirational words and thank yous to the competitors and the populace for this amazing beautiful thing we do.
    • Court ended with the usual cheers

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Court Report for June Faire, 2016

The court report for June Faire has been uploaded to the files section of the Barony Facebook group. Find it here!

Court Report for Candlemas, 2016

  • Morning Court
    • Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes made the event steward announcements.
    • Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin made announcements pertaining to the judges for the competitions.
    • Sensei Tsuruko made an announcement about the Processional to take place later in the day.
    • The Invocation for the Championships.
  • Evening Court
    • On behalf of Their Excellencies Aquaterra TE Conchobar & Elidh presented THL Anya Mac Lachlan and THL Malcolm Radcliffe with Aquaterra's service award the Silver Dolphin (dated Jan. 30, 2016, from Baron Bryson MacLachlan & Baroness Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd)
    • The Baronial Toy Chest was brought out for benefit of the attending children.
    • Largesse was exchanged.
    • Newcomer's tokens were given in Her Majesty's court.
    • Their Excellencies Dragon's Laire announced they were hosting the Absent Friends Place Setting in honor of the late Marcus Tillius Calvus Cambrensis.
    • The Event Steward (Dame Madrun) made final announcements and thank-you's.
    • Their Excellencies Dragon's Laire thanked the Event Steward (Dame Madrun) and her staff.
    • THL Stephen of House Awry presented a bow to Her Majesty.
    • Archery and Thrown Weapons medallions were given out.
    • The results of the Guess the Artist competition was announced.The winner was Sir Cedric Wlfraven with the most correct guesses.
    • The outgoing Arts & Sciences Champion, Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin stepped down and received the Dragon's Flame.
    • Dame Gwen the Potter was inducted as the new Arts & Sciences Champion.
    • The current Bardic Champion, THL Ermenrich “Morgan” Guotmann will keep his position for another year.
    • Past Scholars Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham and THL Rycheza z Polska were given their Scholar's scrolls (both dated Feb 1, 2014 [AS XLVIII]).
    • His Excellency gave Roman tokens to repeat Scholars Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes and Magistra Aelianora de Wyntringham.
    • The Order of the Dragon's Pearls gave the Light of Scholarship to the two runners-up (scores were tied) to the Arts & Sciences Championship – THL Arqai Ne'urin and THL Thangbrand of Dragon's Laire.
    • Her Majesty encouraged everyone to attend the Barony of Stromgard's upcoming Founding Revel.
    • Baroness Elspeth encouraged everyone to attend Blatha an Oir's upcoming Rose Tournament & Fighting Demo.
    • The following awards were given:
      • Snapdragon: Amber of House Awry, Ismay de Chaldon (dated June 6, 2015 [AS L])
      • Wyvern: Jess of the Roving Irishmen
      • Dragon's Heart: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes