Yule's Warmth Beats Winter's Cold!

Winter’s darkness holds us in its fastness and we must break from its clutches. The Great Hunt circles the sky and warmth is scarce. Come and Join the Barony of Dragon’s Laire as we celebrate the passage of Yule and the tidings of joy which it brings!

Their Excellencies of Dragon’s Laire, Conchobar and Eilidh, and Their Populace invite you to come and celebrate with us as we sing, dance, play games,enjoy each other’s company and eat a sumptuous feast prepared by some of the most renowned cooks in An Tir.


Charitable Donation Drive

For this year's charitable donation drive, we are asking for donations of *clean* used towels and blankets which we will be donating to the Humane Society to keep our furry friends warm during the long, cold winter days.

Site Times

Site opens at 10:00am and closes at 9:00pm with feast commencing at 5:00pm.

Feast Menu

Noon: a chicken and vegetable travellers' soup will be presented at about noon to tide us over until the Feast in the evening. Everyone is welcome to have a cup!


If you have special dietary needs, you may want to bring food that suits your special needs. The kitchen is unable to prepare special dishes to order.

The kitchen will, however, post an ingredients list for the menu items the day of the feast.

Feast and Kitchen Supplies and Help Needed

The kitchen could use the following:

If you are working in the kitchen, please bring your:

Event Fees and Pre-Registration

Event Fees:
$10 for adults. NMS applies. Youth/Children are free. Feast Fee is separate, see below.

Make checks payable to “Barony of Dragon's Laire”. Preregistration for the event is recommended.

The Feast is $10 for adults. Preregistration for the feast is mandatory as only 80 seats are available.

As of October 29th all the feast reservations are gone. However, opening will come and you can still sign up to be on the waiting list. If you have made reservations, you must pay for them by Thanksgiving. Contact THL Lui Xian (contact info below) for more information.

Both event and feast preregistration may be purchased together at the same time. Contact THL Lui Xian to make your reservation.


Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
1015 Veneta Ave
Bremerton, WA 98337

Date: Dec 6, 2014
Location: Our Saviour's Lutheran Church
1015 Veneta Ave
Bremerton, WA 98337

The Event Stewards

THL Diomedes Pleurokopeon
THL Inga Alric

Yule Staff

Feast Steward: THL Thangbrand
Pre-Registration: THL Liu Xian

Photos from Yule 2012

Don Talentus shared the photos he took at Yule with us. Visit his site to see them.