Yule is Gonna ROCK!

Please join Their Excellencies Conchobar and Eilidh, as well as Their Royal Majesties of An Tir, King Havordh and Queen Mary-Grace, as we celebrate the Yule Season and the end of another glorious year for the Barony.

This year Yule will be at the Silverdale Lutheran Church on Ridgetop, in "The Gathering Place". The Gathering Place has a large open room, kitchen, foyer, and six classrooms. It is handicapped accessible and has lots of parking.

Because there is a lot of room at the site, we are planning lots of activities!

Date and Times

This great event will take place on Saturday, December 5, 2015. Site will open for set up at 8 AM, at 9:15 for Ithra registration and at 10 for general attendees. Site will close no later than 10 PM, earlier is better.

Site Fees

Our site fee will be $10 per person, with youth 17 and under free. NMS of $5 does apply for non-members.

Feast fee is $8 per person. Feast is by pre-registration only, so get pre-registered early!.


Feast fee is $8 per person. Feast is by pre-registration only, so get pre-registered early!.

To pre-register for the feast contact contact Dame Gwen the Potter, or catch her at the Dragon's Laire fighter practice (Tuesdays at the Silverdale VFW Hall, around 6:30PM). You can register ahead of time, but the fee for the feast is due two weeks before the event (November 21, 2015). If the feast fee is not received by that time, we will offer the seat to the next person on the waiting list. We are limited to 100 feast tickets, so get your reservation in!

The feast will be Northern Italian, with a renaissance theme. Menu will follow shortly, but we do know that there will be chicken, pork, and cheesecake, plus side dishes. Please address any questions you have on the feast to Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol.

Everyone is encouraged to bring your own table clothes and table decorations, to make your experience as festive as possible. The tables are round (except for head table), and will seat 7-8 people. We have enough tables for 100 feasters, and 27 off board (more or less), so plan on being friendly and open to sharing tables.


In addition to the feast, there will be a simple soup/bread lunch available for a suggested donation of $3. No pre-reg for this one, just have exact change on site. Countess Elisabeth will be the lunch lady.

Site is DRY!

Please remember this is a completely dry site!!!



Ithra classes begin at 10 Am and will run to 4 PM in three classrooms, with a lunch break at 12-1. For more information contact Dame Madrun, who is organizing the Ithra.

Scribal and Heraldic Activities

There will be a heraldic consultation table. Heraldry provides color and life to our game, and this will be an opportunityto consult with experts in the field. Countess Elisabeth, Master Arontius, and Tsuruko Sensei will be our consultants for the day.

A scribal event will happen sometime between 10 AM to 3 PM (in one of the classrooms, and will be coordinated by Lady Ela.

Arts and Sciences Display

There will also be an arts & sciences display sponsored by the Dragon's Laire Pearls. The displays can be in any stage of completion and any level of expertise, and will only require a card that lists what the item it, the time period, and artisan. Additional documentation is up to the artisan. This display will take place from 10 am to 3 pm in one of the classrooms.

Family Activities

Dame Angharad is planning family activities. Family Activities will run throughout the day from 10 AM to 3 PM (in the main hall. If you have any questions on Family Activities, contact Dame Angharad.


Dance (for Ithra credit) will happen in the main hall from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Main Hall Gatherings

The Hall will be the gathering place for the populace all day until feast and court. We are hoping to have games in addition to dancing. Bring your projects and handwork!


Things to Remember

Yule is for Charity

As is customary with Dragon's Laire, we will have a charitable drive at Yule. It may be a food drive, sock drive, or Toys for Tots; or all three. We will be consulting with the church to see if they have a need for anything in particular.

Map and Directions

Date: Dec 5, 2015
Location: Silverdale Lutheran Church
11701 Ridgepoint Dr NW
Silverdale, WA 98383

The Event Stewards

Dame Gwen the Potter
Marquessa Laurellen

Yule Staff

Feast Stewards: Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol and
Mistress Rafaella di Contini
Pre-Registration (Feast): Dame Gwen the Potter
Ithra at Event: Dame Madrun Gwehyddes
Gate Personnel: THL Pernell, Lord Richard and THL Richard Dragun
Family Activities: Dame Angharad
Decorations: Lady Penny

Photos from Yule 2012

Don Talentus shared the photos he took at Yule with us. Visit his site to see them.