A Mighty and Joyous Yule Was Had!

What follows are letters and acknowledgements of thank yous, etc...

From the Event Steward:

Greetings to the mighty Barony of Dragon's Laire and Friends beyond our Lands!

Yule Feast was a heartwarming and extraordinary event. I am truly humbled by the work and effort put forth by all the folks in attendance. It was such a success because of all of you.

Please forgive me if I miss someone in these thank you's. I know the folks who were working with me will post the names of those working with them as well.

Thanks to those who helped with the storage run: Their Excellencies, Gwen, Rich, Ajax, Idomeneus, and Theodoric.

The feast was amazing! Thank you to Rycheza, Renart, and their entire kitchen staff for their tireless work in making an evening's repast to remember! To Ela for her decoration of the hall, the wirework on the candle holders on the feast tables, and being overall assistance when needed. To Jess, who not only took the feast reservations, but who also sat gate (brrrrr, next to the doors that let in the cold wind!). To Myrick for being the Head Server and to his amazing servers. To Adena and the two young ladies who made sure we had full water caraffes during the feast. To Adelheide and Andras for arranging the afternoon fighter practice and Gerlakr for setting up the arming/warming tent. To Talon for arranging the rapier practice. To Madrun, Tsurko, and the heralds who made the Grand Processional so magnificent. To Jenae for promoting Toys For Tots and taking care of all the logistics for getting the toys to them. To Allesandra also for the wirework on the candle holders.

There were so many people helping to set up in the morning, I couldn't name them all! The same goes for all the people who stayed to help clean up. I can't thank you all enough! Thanks also goes to those who worked till the very end, which includes, Malcolm, Anya, Diana, Stephen, Gwen, Scala, Bernadette, Sexy Matt, Ela, Penny, Renart, and Rycheza.

I must also thank Matteusz and Theodoric! Who where there when the site opened, helped set up, helped me and others throughout the day, and stayed to the end working on clean up. Thank you!

This is the best Barony in the Known World!

In Service,
Gabrielle de Cameron

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/08/2013

From Their Excellencies

The generosity and hardworking nature that are the hallmarks of what makes Dragon’s Laire the greatest Barony of An Tir were clearly in evidence yesterday and on display for Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses to witness. We are proud of efforts made by the Baronial Populace and wish to make sure we passed on the gratitude expressed to us from Our King and Queen and The Crown Prince and Princess. Many, many thanks for all the hard work performed yesterday.

Please, if there are others who should be recognized for the deeds performed in support of Barony and Yule Feast, speak up! We want everyone recognized for the good they have accomplished.

The Yule Feast Autocrat, THL Gabrielle, truly did a magnificent job shepherding Yule Feast this year. Even with all the surprises, Gabrielle maintained grace under pressure and Yule Feast was a success in every definition of the word. Even with the unexpectedly cold weather and the additional hordes of attendees, everyone seemed to have a good time and memories were made that will set this Yule apart as the special event it was. Thank you sincerely, Gabrielle!

We also wish to honour the Feast preparers, especially THL Rycheza and THL Renart. We enjoyed the food immensely. There was a fantastic combination of easily recognizable good food alongside new, more ‘period’ style dishes to ensure we had full stomachs and still left the tables feeling adventurous having tried new tastes and experiences. Thank you very much for all of your hard work. Also to your crew. We noticed Lord Petr and Lady Adena in the kitchens. But I’m sure there were many, many others involved in food preparation. We appreciate sincerely all their hard work.

CONGRATULATIONS TO DON TALENTUS! For being placed on vigil for admittance into the Order of the Pelican. Your hard work and efforts in support of the Kingdom of An Tir are being recognized by those who directly have made An Tir the greatest Kingdom in the Knowne Worlde. Your presence in the Order will surely inspire others to great deeds in support of An Tir as surely as it will bring even more wordfame to the Barony of Dragon’s Laire, the most brilliant gem in the bright Crown of An Tir!

THL Gabrielle sent out a note of gratitude earlier today for all those who assisted in putting the event together, from set-up all the way to tear-down and clean up. But there are people we’d specifically like to thank who helped us directly in the running of the Grand Processional and Baronial Court. To have these activities happen smoothly and successfully takes the hands, and brains, of many people. They are not small and easy tasks and require much quick thinking as well as much planning and preparation.

Many, many thanks to Tsuruko Sensei and Dame Madrun for all the preparations required to operate the Grand Processional. This required much research on the An Tir Order of Precedence and meticulous ordering of cards and people so that the process ran smoothly. Which it did! It was a grand experience! An experience, we might add, that was a direct draw for Their Royal Majesties to Yule Feast.

All the heralds who performed voice duties during the Processional were awesome! Thank you for the giving of your time and talents. Many thanks to THL Caius Foxcotte, Her Excellency Elizabeth de Rosignol, THL Conchobar MacEoin, THL Myrick le Bear, Master Cedric Wlfraven, and Tsuruko Sensei. Your assistance helped create a truly magical scene. Thank you.

To all those who actually took part in the Grand Processional – Thank You! This is an experience where pageantry is put on center stage and dreams are made. Where all the visions of Grand Tournaments and Courts of Arthurian Dreams are built and brought to life. Thank you all for helping fulfill the vision. We look forward to seeing this concept grow and expand even bigger and bolder next year.

Our Courts could simply not succeed without the efforts and willingness of our Court Staff and Retinue. We owe them huge debts of gratitude. Many thanks to Tsuruko Sensei for organizing Court for us. Your efforts keep our Courts moving and engaging. Thank you sincerely for all your efforts. Many thanks also to THL Caius Foxcotte for stepping in and acting as our Baronial Herald when we needed it. You are the the Voice of the Dragon in our hearts. :-)

Many thanks to our retinue for the myriad of tasks required to successfully run Court. THL Adelheide, Dame Gwenllyn and Dame Madrun are always performing whatever task is asked of them, no matter how small or menial. Always with good humor and quick feet. We are incredibly appreciative of all you do for us.

During the day, we often needed the services of a herald for announcements and words to the Populace and THL Conchobar was always there and helpful to our every need. Thank you for stepping in gladly every time we asked!

Many thanks to THL Kassandra and THL Alaricus for their presentation of largesse during the Processional. The hand-bound book was especially appreciated!

During our Court the following business and recognitions were presented:

As we packed up our equipment and hauled it out to our vehicle for the trip home, several people came to our aid. Many thanks to Lord Ajax, THL Alaricus and many of The Myrmidons for lifting and hauling as needed. We were all tired from a full day on site. So your efforts were definitely appreciated.

The presence of Their Royal Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses added a huge level of ceremony and pageantry to the occasion, and a huge increase in attendance. In other places this might have been a burden and an obstacle to overcome. To Dragon’s Laire, this was just an added joy to an already festive occasion. We are sincerely proud for what you accomplished.

Many Thanks to All!

Arontius and Laurellen.
Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/08/2013

From the Kitchen Staff

A meal of the size and scope that happened on Saturday does not happen without the work of many hands (and some brains). I must apologize in advance for there were several people who stepped into the kitchen for a task or two whose names I missed or will mangle beyond recognition.

First off there was what I shall call the meal development team. These are the people who worked head of the event testing and tasting recipes.

Mainly Guild people including, Renart, Theodoric, Ela, Gabrielle, Skalla, Stewart, and my husband Matteuzs and our daughter Lydia, who have to put up with my experiments. Plus a historical shout-out to Robert de Nola who wrote the primary cookbook we worked from sometime in the 15th century.

Renart stepped up and did all our baking much of it in his own home prior to the event. (bread, nut tarts and our Portuguese biscuits.) Alienora who made all our table cheese and provided goat milk for the noodle dish.

On the day, we had in the kitchen, Renart, Peter, Ela, Skalla, Achai, Penny, Theodoric, Adena, and a few whose names escape me to handle tasks from grinding spices to chopping onions and meat to stewardship of whole dishes.

I's also like to thank those gentles who provided rice cookers. Again I don't have all the names. If you did not retrieve yours from the kitchen before leaving site, Gabrielle has them in her custody. Also Diana brought a very fine cake that was presented to Their Highnesses.

I'd like to conclude with thanks to Myrick for wrangling our serving team. Thanks to the populace for attending and especially all who dunked their hands in the scullery both throughout the day and after the fest. That is an essential and much appreciated task. Plus all who helped load out things. We were by then much wrung out.

Thank you to all who helped in even the smallest capacity.

Rycheza z Polska

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/09/2013

Toys for Tots!

Greetings Grand Barony!! There were 40 toys donated at Yule last weekend!! This included 2 bikes. What a great Christmas gift that will be for some needy kids this holiday season.

Thank you all for your generosity!

IS, Jenae'

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/09/2013

Date: 7 Dec 2013
Location: Longbranch Improvement Club, 4213 Key Peninsula Hwy S, Longbranch, WA 98351

The Event Steward

Gabrielle de Cameron

Yule Staff

Toys for Tots

Bring a toy (or toys) for Toys for Tots! If you want more information about this, please contact Dame Jenae.

Photos from Yule 2012

Don Talentus shared the photos he took at Yule with us. Visit his site to see them.