2015 Yule was Great! 2016 Yule will be Awesome too!

From the Event Stewards

Yule was wonderful. The Barony of Dragon's Laire consistantly amazes me. The Yule Team could not have done it without you. Thank yous will come later, when we are not so tired....I'm sure Marquess Laurellen is also exhausted. And there are so many to thank!

Dragon's Laire, I am so very proud of you!

Gwen "Every party of my body hurts" the Potter

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/06/2015.

Yule was truly amazing! Once again, this Barony stepped up and lent a hand and helped put on a great event. The autocrats would like to thank some people specifically and some groups specifically - if we miss anyone, please don't be offended - there were so many people helping that it was hard to keep track.

We would like to thank the Feast staff, Countess Elizabeth was an amazing Feast-o-crat! The feast was super tasty and it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves. We'd also like to thank Countess Elizabeth's staff of Kitchen Helpers; Maestra Raphaella, Lord Emile, HL Rycheza, HL Theodoric, HL Renart, Sir Andras, and Chrysalis.

We'd also like to thank the servers, who were organized by Master Arion: Lord Ajax, Sir Andras, Dame Madrun, Chrysalis, HL Arquai, and Tillet.

A very nice Ithra was held at Yule, during the day; we'd like to thank Dame Madrun for organizing that for us and for running it. And thank you also to those who taught – Dame Madrun, Dame Aelianora, Master Arontius, Dame Brighid, and Baroness Eilidh. (And Marquessa Laurellen because Laurellen will not thank herself! - Gwen)

We'd like to thank the Gate crew, organized by HL Pernell Kamber who was supported by Lord Richard (Kelso) and by HL Diana Cartier. These people were often the first faces our guests saw and they were always cheerful and helpful.

We want to thank Magistra Aelianora for organizing the A&S display; people were amazed at the display items. Another thank-you is due to Lady Ela and her helper, Lady Rhiannon, for organizing the scribal activities for the day. And yet another thank-you is due to HL Oddr and Tsuruko-Sensei for working the heraldry room.

We'd also like to give a very warm thank-you to the Camp Fromage Party Band who came and played live music almost all day and also played for Master Arontius' Dance Class. (And thank you to RedBow who was able to join in with Camp Fromage for part of day.)

Thank you to Lady Penny and Lady Anya for decorating the head table, and helping with the clean up later. The table looked great!

Speaking of clean-up, thanks to the dish-washers during the day…Chrysalis, Sir Andras, and Master Arion, plus everyone who helped clean up after – there are too many of you to list, but two especially…Lady Penny and HL Diana Cartier swept the hall after it was all done. And HL Gabrielle and HL Theodoric on who, along with HL Kassandra, HL Andromacha and Lord Gabhan, stayed until the bitter end on the clean-up team.

The heavy lifting…what could we do without Lord Gabhan, HL Andromacha, HL Stephan of House Awry, Lord Ajax, Lord Neoptolomus and Sir Cedric? Thank you to all of you.

Lastly, we'd like to thank the people who pitched in and helped wherever they saw a need; Master Arontius, Dame Madrun, HL Steven of House Awry, HL Gabhan, HL Andromacha, Lady Penny, HL Diana Cartier and HL Kassandra.

The Silverdale Lutheran Church was very happy with us as a group; we will be getting our deposit back and will, hopefully, be able to use this wing of the church or the other wing, with the much larger Fellowship Hall and industrial kitchen, for future events. If you are considering autocrating an event, please let Dame Gwen know and she will help put you in touch with the church manager.

Many hands make light work and we are so very, very proud of this Barony for taking that axiom to heart consistently and with joy.

Thank you!
Your Yule Autocrats,
Dame Gwen the Potter and Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/07/2015.

From the Head Cook

The feast at yesterday's Yule went extremely well and smoothly, especially considering the cramped quarters.  Many, many hands made this light work.  Thanks are due to all of you, and especially to--
Tsuruko Sensei, Goddess-Empress of Roasted Onions
Dame Gwen and Marquesa Laurellen, who also came over to help cut, chop, taste, and encourage
Renart the Bread Lord, without whose help feeding the noontime hordes would have been really hard and whose focaccia is legendary
Theodoric the Porkmeister, whose dedicated supervision of the roasters made a tasty product and also freed others up for many tasks
Emil, who sliced cheese practically ad infinitum
Sir Andras, Magister Arion, Lord Arkhai and the rest of the Triple A Dishwashing Team, whose efficiency and good humor in the face of few towels and lack of hot water were a joy to behold
Lady Rycheza, who knows where everything goes
Dame Madrun and Lady Rhiannon, platers extraordinary
Probably most of all to Maestra Raffaella di Contino, whose educated palate, organizational skills, and ability to read my mind made all the difference

More will follow as my upper brain functions gradually return, but everyone please accept my heartfelt gratitude for now.
Countess Elisabeth

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/06/2015.

The Arts and Sciences Display!

The Arts and Sciences display was great, and was made so by those who willing brought and displayed their items. I had a great time chatting with them, and learned so much! We had (in no particular order):

Arcos Thorfinn and his display of a Norse Forge: He's actually used it to forge things! Thorfinn could not personally be there because he has that nasty cold everyone is getting, but Magister Arion was a wonderful stand in who brought the display, set it up, and then often came back around to talk to people about it.

THL Arkai and his very impressive siege crossbow. His knowledge about these devices is growing in leaps and bounds and it shows in the product. I was very grateful to him for staying by his display quite often, to teach others about it.

THL Laurin of Rosewood! She brought some wonderful handmade coats and other garb to show. I regret that I had to go teach classes and couldn't go over her display in depth with her. However, what she showed me and taught me was AWESOME!

Lady Nolwenn brought her fighter belt. This is a marvellous bit of leatherwork. She created a celtic-inspired design, and did all the belt fitting, sewing the edges of the belt, attaching the buckles, etc, by hand. It is a beautiful belt. I hope we see more wonderful leather work from Nolwenn.

THL Rhiannon brought a few of her gorgeous appliqued and embroidered bags. Being an embroiderer myself, I was very inspired by them. She gives them away for largesse! Lucky are the receipients!

Lady Tillet did something different, and rather daring, for her part of the display. She wore it! She wore her handmade blue linen gown, complete with handmade buttons, edging and more. She was lovely in it and quite willing to show anyone who asked the details of its construction. I like the concept of this kind of a display, a sort of walking demo, very much. Let's do more next time!

THL Mateusz brought his mousetraps. These little ingenous devices are both deadly to the mice and rather cute in look. I really enjoyed finally being able to hear and read about their development and inspiration. Mateusz did an excellent job on the making and research of these items. I would rather like to try one on the farm and see how it works... Matuesz stayed with the display for much of the time it was open and willing guided people through the items on exhibit. Bravo!

His Excellency Conchobar brought a Roman inspired folding stool. This is a late period item used by nobles and army officers. It has iron legs, painting, and a comfortable leather seat. It was really cool!

His Excellency Conchobar submitted a pair of stirgils made for him by THL Thangbrand and THL Ermanrich. These curious items were standard tools used in Roman bathing. After working out at the baths, and before bathing, the Romans would rub their bodies with olive oil and then scrap off the resulting mess of sweat, dirt and oil with the stirgil. It was a Roman washing cloth!

And finally, I want to thank THL Renart, who helped me in all aspects of planning and running the display! He even did some embroidery when required!

As I said, the Display was Awesome and was made so by the people who agreed to display their work. Thank you to everyone!

Aelianora de Wyntringham, OL

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/06/2015.


Gate was lots of fun and I'd like to thank Lord Richard for his help in all things. I'd also like to thank Lady Diana who made the day even better when she walked through the door. I asked her to take gate for a shift before she was even signed in. I knew she would do it because gate calls to her like a siren to a sailor. Her gate experience and her smart phone made her able to help some people sign up for membership online and save that $5 nonmember surcharge.

Thank you Dame Gwen for providing us with wonderfully organized reports that made keeping track of prepaid feast and/or event people a breeze. Everything was arranged to perfection and the location of Gate ended up being both quite cozy and well located so we didn't miss a thing at the event.

And last of all, thank you to everyone who had their membership cards out to present without having to be asked.

I hope everyone had as joyous a time as I did!
Pernell Camber

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 12/06/2015.

Date: Dec 5, 2015
Location: Silverdale Lutheran Church
11701 Ridgepoint Dr NW
Silverdale, WA 98383

The Event Stewards

Dame Gwen the Potter
Marquessa Laurellen

Yule Staff

Feast Stewards: Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol and
Mistress Rafaella di Contini
Pre-Registration (Feast): Dame Gwen the Potter
Ithra at Event: Dame Madrun Gwehyddes
Gate Personnel: THL Pernell, Lord Richard and THL Richard Dragun
Family Activities: Dame Angharad
Decorations: Lady Penny

Photos from Yule 2012

Don Talentus shared the photos he took at Yule with us. Visit his site to see them.