Last Chance and Lord Defenders Round Up

From Their Excellencies

Proconsul Augusti, Conchobar Mac Eoin and Proconsula Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon's Laire to the Honorable Barony of Dragon's Laire Salve!

What a fantastic event!! Last Chance/Lord Defender was a great success. The tourneys, the feasting, the fellowship, all were of superior quality. We would like to thank our Cousins Baron Hengist Helgison and Baroness Maricka Sigrunsdotter. Without your support this joint event experiment would never have happened. Thanks for jumping over the edge with us.

Much thanks and appreciation also go to the joint autocrats His Lordship Myrick and Lord Gabhin and Her Ladyship Andromache. I know there were a lot of logistics to work out for this new event format, and you guys had to do a lot of learning as you went, but you did it. Their Excellencies of Blatha An Oir and Ourselves are all so very pleased with the results of your efforts. Well done. We look forward to more joint events in the future.

Lady Aileen ran gate like a well oiled machine. She and her army of volunteers were the smiling faces that met all comers to the event. Her Ladyship Anya, His Lordship Malcolm, Lady Diana, and so many others We regretfully missed came together to share the work and commeraderie of gate duty. 


his weekend we bid goodbye to several Champions who have served our Barony with grace, honor, and loyalty. Master Sebastien de Caen's rapier sword was always sharp and keen in the defense of our Barony. You always conducted yourself with grace and quiet dignity. Your genuine courtesy and fantastic fashion sense will remain an inspiration. His Lordship Brian of Cardiff, your service to Dragon's Laire and the Kingdom of An Tir did us proud.  May your arrows always fly straight and true. His Lordship Neoptolemus was an exemplary Heavy Weapons Champion. Your dedication to Ourselves and this Barony, and the sincerity with which you preformed your duties have truly set the bar high for your successor. We have watched as Lord Cyric Longfellow has grown to be a leader among his peers and commander of the Legions archers as our Thrown Weapons Champion. You all have our deepest appreciation. Thank you for your service. 

New Champions!! There were glorious competitions of skill to have been witnessed this weekend. We were so very honored and humbled by all those who chose to compete for the honor to represent Dragon's Laire as one of her Champions. Congratulations go to those who were victorious. Sir Andras Truemark shall serve as Archery Champion for our Barony for what will be the third time. Once again Don Christopher Stanley is our Rapier Champion. The Honorable Lord Ermenrich Goutmann is the new Heavy Weapons Champion. The Honorable Lord Conrad Ross is the new Thrown Weapons Champion. We are also very excited to introduce Christian of Duramen as Our new Youth Armored Champion. He is an impressive young man, and We are sure his future holds great things. He truly has the heart of a lion. Congratulations to you all. You now stand among some of the most honored and respected individuals in An Tir. Go forth and represent your Mighty Barony. 


pecial thanks and appreciation go to the Ladies of Our Court. Tsuruko Sensei did a phenomenal job as Baronial Herald, and read Our Latin scrolls beautifully. She and Her Ladyship Aileen organized and ran court flawlessly. They were assisted by Her Ladyship Marian, Lady Isabelle, and M'Lady Ephyria. Your service and unfailing attention were greatly appreciated. You all made court fun, and seemingly effortless. We hold you in great respect and appreciation.

Of course we would like to thank Our scribes headed by Her Ladyship Ela.  You all do such amazing work and are so tolerant of Our whims.  It must be frustrating at times but you rise to the occasion with grace and character and your works are stunning and everyone who receives a scroll from you is humbled and awed by the beauty and skill which our scribes demonstrate.

We would like to especially thank Her Excellency Maestra Jenae for stepping in and assisting with lists on last notice.  It was great seeing her under that pavilion and having her smiling face eric-side once again.  She was there assisting Our new List Mistress M'Lady Amber and Her Ladyship Marion learn the intricacies of the lists. We are so happy to have M'Lady Amber filling that position. Thank you so much to both of you.  

We would like to close by thanking everyone who brought a donation for the food drive. The church was very pleased to receive the canned goods. So often the simplest of gestures can have the greatest effects. When we combine our efforts, we can do great things.

Thank you to all who attended. It was a great way to bring Our camping season to an end. Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation. 

In Joyful service.
Conchobar and Eilidh,
Baron and Baroness of Dragon's Laire

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 09/21/2015

From the Dragon's Laire Event Steward

Greetings unto Their Excellencies and the mighty populace of Dragon's Laire,

I would first like to apologize for taking so long to send this, I have been busy with work and a sick family. Last Chance was well attended by the populace of this great Barony and the level of the skill in all the tournaments was well witnessed by all. I would first like to thank our great Baron and Baroness for allowing me to run this great event, I would also like to thank my Co-event Steward from Blatha an Oir THL Gabhin, and our site coordinator THL Andromacha thank you both for all of your hard work to help make this event a success. I would also like to take the time to thank HE Arontius for bringing the stuff, HL Khloe for showing me how to set up the archery range and running it for the event, Thank you to HL Ido for getting all of the fighters inspected and ready for the tournament, A big thank you to HE Jenae for teaching Lady Amber the ways of the list. I would also like to thank Lord Stephen for running the thrown weapons range. What would a thank you be without thanking our Senechal HL Renart. Finally I would like to thank Dame Angharad for running the families actives at the event, from what I could tell the kids were having a wonderful time with all of the cool activites that were setup for them to do. I know I am forgetting some people and I do apologize, but in the end I would like to thank the whole Barony for being so patient and helpful considering the hurdles and bumps of doing an event along side with another Barony. Congratulations to all the new champions of Dragon's Laire!

In Service,
THL Myrick le Bear
Last Chance Event Steward

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 09/28/2015

Date: 18-20 Sept, 2015
Location: Long Branch Improvement Club 4312 Key Peninsula Highway South
Longbranch Washington, 98351

Last Chance 2015 Event Steward

THL Myrick le Bear

Site Coordinator

THL Andromacha tou Lesvos

Gate Coordinator

The Gate Coordinator for the event is THL Aline Lewiwthe.

Want to help in Court?

The DL Court coordinator, THL Aline Lewiwthe, is willing to take on helpers for court. If interested contact her.