Last Chance and Lord Defenders

This year the Barony is combining events with Blatha an Oir! Last Chance and the Lord Defenders Tourneys will be held on the same dates at the Long Branch Improvement Club.

How the Event Will Run

This will be the event where our Championship tournaments take place. We will be combining the event with the Barony of Blatha an Oir. All of Dragon's Laire's Baronial Officers, including the List Mistress, and all of our current champions, please get in touch with your counterpart in Blatha an Oir to coordinate your tournament and ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible. Also if you want to run a class or some sort of A&S activity please coordinate with the Dragon's Laire Baronial A&S Minister THL Mateusz z Polcka, or his Blatha an Oir counterpart: THL Elisabethe Phipps.

Competitions and the Feast

Competitions will take place on Saturday, September 19th with a feast on Saturday evening. Meat (chicken) is being provided by the Baronies. Please bring a side to be shared amongst your table (serves between 8-10 people). So get together with our table and decide what you want to eat!

Site Times and Camping/RV Information

Site opens at 12:00pm on Friday September 18, 2015 and closes at 3:00pm on Sunday September 20, 2015 (please be packed and off site).

Space on the site is ***HIGHLY LIMITED*** so if you have a large encampment or RV, you will need to submit the space to the site coordinator, THL Andromacha tou Lesvos, prior to August 31st. No submissions after August 31st will be accepted. Information requested is as follows:

If space is unavailable prior to the August 31st deadline, messages will be sent out.

There is another option to camping. If you desire you can spend the night in the hall. Registration ***FOR THE HALL*** ends either on Friday, September 18th or when 100 people register, which ever happens first, However, there is a catch to sleeping in the Hall. If you sleep in the Hall then all of your belonging will have to out by 9:00 am on Saturday morning for the BAO A&S Competition and Court. Contact the site coordinator, THL Andromacha tou Lesvos, for reservations and more info.

Site Fees

$5.00 NMS fee applies (Please bring your current Blue card or SCA approved membership verification of current membership)

Make all checks payable to the Barony of Blatha An Oir.


Date: 18-20 Sept, 2015
Location: Long Branch Improvement Club 4312 Key Peninsula Highway South
Longbranch Washington, 98351

Last Chance 2015 Event Steward

THL Myrick le Bear

Site Coordinator

THL Andromacha tou Lesvos

Want to help in Court?

The DL Court coordinator, THL Aline Lewiwithe, is willing to take on helpers for court. If interested contact her.