Last Chance Will Be Rockin'!

Come one, come all to the Barony Of Dragon's Laire's annual combat championships! On the weekend of Aug 8-10th, the Barony will see mighty deeds done as gentles strive in the Heavy Armored, Rapier, Thrown Weapons, and Archery Championships. Those who succeed will represent the Barony in these fields for the following year.

Sadly, this event will also see the last court of Their Excellencies Arontius and Laurellen.

After a day of hard and honorable combat and effort, the Barony and our guests will come together for a potluck feast, with the Barony providing the meat - cooked by no less than THL Thangbrand! After the feast we can spend the evening with our friends telling tales around the campfires.

The site will open at 3PM on Fri, and the event will close at 3PM on Sunday with everyone off-site by 6PM.

A Call to the Last Chance Championships!

All those who would compete in the Martiallate Championships of Dragon’s Laire this Saturday at Last Chance (Armored, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons and Youth Combat), please present yourselves to the Invocation Court to be held at 10AM on Saturday morning. Please also give some thought prior to Saturday as to whom your inspiration is as you will be asked who this person is.

Several of the current Champions have asked for permission to return their regalia of Championship at Invocation Court so they may have the honor of competing to become Champion for the upcoming year. See as how our successors will step up in approximately twenty-six days, this is something worthy of thought.

We all recognize Dragon’s Laire as a truly special place. To be a ‘Champion of Dragon’s Laire’ in any capacity is an honor that carries with it joy, and responsibility. Bear this in mind as you compete as you will be held to the oaths you take, either of friendship or fealty.

Evening Court on Saturday is scheduled at this time for 4PM.

We would also add that an event such as Last Chance requires effort and the willingness of many hands to put together and manage. Theodoric could surely use your assistance. Please contact him if you can help in any capacity.

Please let us know if you have any questions
Arontius and Laurellen
Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/04/2014


Fri - Gate opens 3PM, we'll probably still be setting up stuff, so come down and help and spend the evening hanging out and chatting. If you want to bring games, it'll be light until 8 for outdoor games and the building will be available for indoor games or hanging out. This is also a good time to set up your dayshade or popup so you'll have a great view of the Championships on Saturday.

Sat -

Sun - No gate, just a nice slow morning waking up and hanging out. Bring your coffee down to the hall sometime after 8.30AM.

We'll start tearing down probably late morning with a storage run afterwards. (Exact time TBA.)

Heavy Format for the Baronial Championship

From our Current Baronial Heavy Combat Champion:
As I feel the heavy champion of the barony needs to be a well rounded fighter; I present this:

A 3 hour bear pit, possibly run as a standard double elim for safety - (one eric unless we end up with A LOT of extra fighters ) 1st hour sword and board only, 2nd hour 6 foot and under great weapons only (bring gauntlets), 3rd hour short spear and shield.

ONLY wins will be counted. At the end of the 3 hours we will count the top fighters (if there are 12 or more total we will do the top 4, otherwise the top 2) those top fighters will move to a best two out of three, inspirations' choice of weapons.
Idomeneus the Creten

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 07/30/2014

Arts and Sciences Happening at Last Chance!

The hall will be available all day for A&S activities. If you'd like to teach a class or borrow a corner to gather with like minded individuals, contact THL Mateusz z Plocka.

We will have two classes at Last Chance. THL Renart will be teaching Gilding at 11am with only one or two seats left, at most.

Lady Diana will be teaching a Jewelry Chain Mail class at 1pm. This is filling up fast.

If you would like to take a class contact the instructor as soon as possible. Both classes will be in the building and only students and the instructors will be allowed in during the class times.

Our wonderful Culinary Guild will also be onsite, with the brazier fired up and cooking lovely things. THL Rycheza invites you to join them: "This is an excellent opportunity to stop by and see what period cooking is all about or just come and socialize."

Youth Activities at Last Chance!

Dame Angharad will have a Family Activity pavilion set up, and Lord Avengr will have a YAC eric available.


In the evening, there will be a potluck feast with the main meat (marinated and grilled chicken thighs, the pork boned out, seasoned with herbs and spices, and smoked as a porchetta roll) provided by the Barony and cooked by THL Thangbrand. We'll set up the big baronial pavilion, but please bring your popups and day shades for additional shelter.

Suggested potluck contributions (to feed 8-10) are:


Pre-Registration is being handled by THL Marion of Dragonslaire. Contact her for more information.

Camping Reservations

Contact Lady Chloe at for camping reservations.

RVs and Trailers

RVs and trailers are welcome, but please pre-register (see above), and contact THL Theodoric ( There are no hookups available.

Event Fees

Adults - $15/weekend, $12/day, NMS fee of $5 applies
Youth and Children - $10/weekend, $10/day

Make Checks Payable to 'Barony of Dragon's Laire, SCA Inc'


Kitsap Saddle Club, Port Orchard WA

From I5 North & South: Take I-5 to Tacoma, then Hwy 16 to Port Orchard, exit at Sedgwick Rd. go RIGHT. Then LEFT on Long Lake Rd, follow it to a Left onto Mile Hill Rd, go 1 block, turn RIGHT onto Saddle Club Rd SE.

From the North: Take Hwy 3 South, go around Gorst onto 304 and then stay to your left going through Port Orchard (Bay St.) to Mile Hill Rd. Turn LEFT onto Saddle Club Rd.

Date: 8-10 August, 2014
Location: Kitsap Saddle Club, Port Orchard, WA

Last Chance 2014 Event Steward

THL Theodoric The Scholar

Event Pre-Registration

THL Marion of Dragonslaire