Last Chance

Their Excellencies Baron Conchobar Mac Eoin, Proconsul Augusti & Baroness Eilidh, Proconsula invite you to come and spend the weekend with them!

Join in or look on as warriors from across the lands vie to be the Armored Champion, Rapier Champion, Archery Champion and Thrown Weapons Champion of Dragon's Laire. Will you add your name to the lengthy list of heroes who have already claimed title?

Arts and Sciences displays and classes shall soon join the schedule along with a full schedule of equestrian classes on Sunday. Bring your favorite instrument and join in for the bardic both Friday and Saturday nights.

This is beautiful site, excellent areas for camping, a fun filled weekend will be had for all in attendance. A full schedule will come in the near future.

The Baronial Gamesmaster is planning to have some games at Last Chance, including Bocce.

So, mark the date on your calendars, this will not be one to miss! If you are interested in joining in with any of these activities, or anything else please send your comments/questions to: HL Renart le fox de berwyk.

Site Fees:

The weekend camping fee is $20.00. Daytrip is $15.00. A $5 SCA member discount applies! Please make all checks payable to the Barony of Dragon's Laire, Sca Inc.


As always, this schedule is subject to change, but is up to date as of Sep 25th, 2016. Thank you, Lady Ciar, for supplying it!


Heavy Tournament

Organizer/Previous Champion: THL Ermenrich Goutmann
Format: To enter, competitors must first fight His Excellency to His satisfaction. Then the tourney will be round robin. Numbers depending, each fight will be best two out of three. The top two competitors will then meet in a final round, also best two out of three.

Rapier Tournament

Organizer/Previous Champion: Don Christopher Stanley
Format: a single tournament that will have two victors. It will be round robin, allowing all fencers to taste the steel of every other combatant on the field. It will then cut to either top 2 or top 4 depending on entrants. You may enter the tournament and not vie for the Championship title.

We will choose by acclaim the one we think represents what we want to see most on the tourney field as well as who we believe comports himself properly off the field as a fine Gentleman or Lady should. They will be given the honor of defending the Barony for the next year as Champion. They will carry the sword, wear the cloak, and also enjoy a new buckler Don Stanley will be donating into the permanant Champions regalia.

To identify them to the world, Don Stanley will be offering them a silk banner which will bear their arms.

The second victor will be the fencer who wins the day through sturdy defense and a steady point. They will be awarded with a new dagger for their fortitude on the fighting fields.

Thrown Weapons

Organizer/Previous Champion: THL Conrad Ross
Format: The tournament will be a combination of high scores w/ Knife, axe and spear @ inter-kingdom distances & a novelty challenge.


Organizer/Previous Champion: Sir Andras Truemark

From the Organizer: Greetings, fellow archers! Once again the fine Barony of Dragon's Laire is calling all archers to compete for the coveted title of Archery Champion of Dragon's Laire. Coincidentally, the Barony finds itself beset with invaders and assassins on all sides and so your participation would ensure the Barony survives another year! Funny how that happens...

Format: 1) Royal Round - As in any guard or defense force, practicing to become both accurate and fast is important. The Royal Round is an excellent tool for accomplishing this goal and allowing us to compare our current skill with those others practicing the same skills. Standard format, standard rules.

2) Inverted Royal Round - This test of skill is displayed by shooting at a standard Royal Round Target that has been "inverted"...the white ring is worth 5 points, the black ring 4, the blue ring 3, the red ring 2 and the gold center 1. Standard Royal Round rules of engagement apply.

3) Castle Defense - The castle is being stormed (feel free to have fun with that!) and we must defend. The castle wall is two hay bales stacked one on another. Targets are styrofoam mannequin heads on stakes. The first wave of attackers are almost at the parapets and must be shot first in order to move on to the other attackers. There is a second wave behind them at an indeterminate distance and they have a point value of 3 points per arrow that sticks in the target. The third wave, worth 5 points each, is further away. The castle walls will be over run in a total of 45 seconds... so killing those first two in order to move on to scoring points is important. Once those first two are dealt with, the castle defender can then shoot at any of the other targets until time expires. 10 bonus points for having an arrow in all the targets. Each arrow that sticks in a mannequin head counts for its corresponding point value. Arrows that strike a head but do not stick do not score. This is a 45 second timed end. (Special thanks to Lady Miranda of Hartwood for the original concept and HL Athelina Grey of Seagirt for suggesting it.)

4) Castle Attack - As attackers, you must shoot arrows through the arrow slits in the castle to drive the defenders away. Using wooden slats against hay bales to simulate the arrow slits, each archer shoots 6 arrows at an indeterminate distance. Arrows which strike the wand but are not wholly contained within it count as 1 point. Arrows which clearly strike the wand and are contained within it count as 3 points. Crossbows shoot at a longer distance than handbows.

5) Kill the Assassin! - Lurking among the populace is an assassin intent upon bringing harm unto Their Excellencies. From a designated shooting line, the contestant must shoot the assassin but not any member of the populace. Warning...this won't be easy, as the distance to the assassin will be unknown and he is very clever at hiding. The archer must keep one foot in contact with the designated shooting line at all times while shooting six arrows at the assassin. Hitting the assassin cleanly, with all of the arrow within the outline of the assassin, is worth 3 points. Wounding the assassin, which means the arrow strikes the line of the body but is not clearly inside that line, is worth 1 point. Striking any of the populace, defined as an arrow touching the outline or body, is a loss of 2 points. Time is of the essence! All shooters will have 45 seconds to shoot their 6 missiles.

6) William Tell Round - A mannequin head is placed in front of a hay bale. On the hay bale is a piece of cardboard with a circle drawn that encompasses the mannequin head plus a couple of inches. A red balloon is attached to the top of the mannequin head. Each contestant shoots 3 arrows at the target from a range of 30 yards. Popping the balloon counts as 5 points and placing an arrow within the circle on the cardboard is worth 3 points. An arrow sticking into the head of the mannequin takes away 3 points. Arrows that hit the head at a glance do not count as head strikes and still garner either circle points or popped balloon points. Arrows that pop the red balloon do not also garner circle points. If the red balloon is popped with the first arrow, the archer is awarded 3 bonus points. If the balloon is popped with the second arrow, the bonus is 2 points. If it is popped with the 3rd arrow, the bonus is 1 point. All three arrows must be shot. Crossbows shoot at 40 yards.


Organizer/Previous Champion: HL Ivon Leskov

Information will be posted when it arrives.


Yes, there will be an Youth Armored Combat Tourney. Stay tuned for more information!

Arts and Sciences

From THL Theodoric the Scholar, Deputy MoAS
A&S has the hall at Last Chance from 10-4 on Saturday. THL Ela will be teaching a scribal class (details below) and the Scribal Guild will have loaner equipment and Baronial Charters to be painted. I encourage other artisans to bring their projects and hang out in the hall or put them on display. (Kind of a mini A&S Daycamp.)

Saturday September 31. time TBD THL Ela Pennayth, DL Scribal Guildhead, will be teaching how to make a reed pen (qalam). Using the qalam and various nib pens, will create ink arabic designs, both floral and geometric arabesques. Please join us, all material provided. We will also have baronial scribal loaner gear for use in scriptorium area on site in hall. THL Rhiannon, Baronial Scribe, will have blank charters on hand for painting.

Bardic Circle

THL Ela Pennayth y Ynis Dewi tells us:
FRIDAY, September 30 and SATURDAY, October 1, when the stars come out, join us for companionship and campfire. We will host a Bardic area with a bonfire to gather around for an open Bardic Circle Friday eve and a sing-along with storytelling/poetry on Saturday evening at our Champion event. Marshmallows, crackers and chocolate will be provided for all revelers 'round the fire. If you have tasty treats to share, please bring them too!

Map of the Site:

Here's the usual google map!

Date: 30 Sep-2 Oct, 2016
Location: Kitsap Saddle Club 1470 Saddle Club Rd SE
Port Orchard Washington, 98366

Last Chance 2016 Event Stewards

Maistre Renart le fox de berwyk
THL Andromácha of Lesbos