Last Chanced Rocked! Here's a round-up from the steward, Coronets and various members of the populace.

From the Coronets

The Last Chance Martiallate Championships were a true inspiration to all who witnessed them. The chivalry and honour, the skill and prowess, everything was amazing and inspiration to the final blows or throws. The new Champions have already been named, but there are many, many people who were involved with Last Chance without whom the event would not have been the epic occasion it was. We cannot thank THL Theodoric the Scholar enough for the most excellent event he stewarded and we’re sure he has a message of thanks for all those on his Team, many of whom we may not have even seen performing their duties. We are hopeful he will send an e-mail of gratitude of his own in witness to the deeds of all of his Team.

Thank you, Theodoric.

We also wanted to specifically thank THL Thangbrand for what he provided for the picnic feast Saturday evening. It was absolutely delicious!!! Thank you, Thangbrand!!!!

Most of this letter will be to those who supported Her Excellency and I throughout this event, and throughout our tenure. As has been the case over the entirety of our four years we could not have succeeded without the efforts of the many, many people who followed us and gave of themselves to ensure we were tended in every aspect of our service as Baron and Baroness.

First and foremost, we owe deeply to our retinue. Those who have followed us over the years. Thank you Dame Gwenllyn Potter, Murakami Tsuruko Sensei, Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes, and THL Adelheide Leeuwin. Your enthusiasm and constant support and encouragement have been our ever-present support. The bags you gifted us at the end of Court almost brought us both to tears. They are so beautiful! I have mine hanging from the door now so that I can look at it constantly. :-)

Unto THL Caius Foxcotte, we are forever in your debt. Your growth as a voice herald has been awesome to behold. We especially desired your services as our Court Herald on Saturday because we knew that you would do so in style and with your unique flair that is so incredibly special to us. And you did not disappoint. As you and Nidda Ridarelli travel to far distant lands, please do not forget about us as we cannot forget about the two of you. You are Dragon’s Laire and absolutely a member of our extended Baronial Family. When you look upon the bottles of earth, water and air of Dragon’s Laire, think of all of us. We hope that it will bring a smile and the remembrance of people who love you.

Many, many thanks to Maestra Jenae for providing the three beautiful bottles and their contents so they could be gifted to Caius and Nidda. It was an incredibly thoughtful, and wonderful, gesture.

In Saturday Evening Court, we released The Myrmidons from their Oaths of Fealty to Dragon’s Laire as an ‘Official Warband of Dragon’s Laire’. They have nobly served the Barony for two years with fierceness and passion, as well as with loyalty and a willingness to help out whenever and wherever they could. You took the concept of an ‘Official Warband’ and made it uniquely your own. We thank you sincerely for taking part in our experiment with such enthusiasm. Your names are now spoken with pride and joy all over the Kingdom of An Tir and we could not be happier. We wish you happy sailings wherever your journeys take you. Please know that should you ever need anything from the two of us, we will help in whatever capacity we can. We are forever in your debt. Murder! Murder! :-)

During Court we also adopted a new member of Dragon’s Laire. As has become our custom, when we find someone we like we either work on them to move within our borders, or we capture them in some way with paperwork! :-) In this case, we named Lord Stelios Onuris of The Myrmidons as a new member of the Dragon’s Laire Populace. Welcome, Stelios! :-)

Legio Draconis also stepped up and marched with us into Court and out of Court. Your membership rolls are already filled with the names of heroes within the Barony and we know your deeds will require many books to record them all. Thank you for all your support at Last Chance. You are now the Senior Warband and knew from your inception that you were bound for epic deeds. We cannot wait to see them performed, read about them on the lists, and have them told about the campfires!

During Court we called forth the three Baronial Coronet Candidate Couples and we apologize for the anxiety we accidently caused with the supposition that we were going to name our successors in Court. :-) That shock was not intended! Sincerely! But we wanted to personally thank, in presence of all, those who stood forth to volunteer themselves as the next Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire. Just going through the polling process is an intense experience, requiring much soul searching and a baring of your souls to the Baronial Populace. The coins we gave to your are just an indication of our thankfulness for efforts. Many thanks to THL Conchobar and THL Eilidh, Sir Andras and THL Liesl, and Don Talentus and Maestra Jenae.

Another who supported us with incredible hard work and the management of a group of artists was THL Ela, our Baronial Scribe. Over our tenure we have placed incredible demands upon your abilities and time and you have treated us with courtesy and a willingness to work with us under even harsh conditions. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are incredibly grateful to your Scribal Corp as well. They have produced beautiful, beautiful charters! Please add to this list those we may have overlooked. Many Thanks to Lady Rhiannon, M’Lady Katheryn, THL Gabrielle, THL Eileen, THL Renart the Fox, Mistress Tammlyn of Wyntersea, and THL Aileen.

Mistress Tammlynn’s charter designs have been an absolute delight! Dragon’s Laire has been sincerely blessed to have her talents available in service to our scribes.

There are many others to thank, so this is just a start. But we want to emphasize what we tried very hard to emphasize at our Saturday Evening Court. Dragon’s Laire is a very special place. We have some of the hardest working and most dedicated people in the entirety of the Kingdom of An Tir. We are creative and industrious. We are some of the friendliest and enthusiastic people you can meet in the SCA. We wish all of the Populace to think about this and cherish it. It really is a unique and special think we have here. Please do not take it for granted!

We love Dragon’s Laire and would live nowhere else. :-)

Arontius and Laurellen.
Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/10/2014

From the Event Steward

Unto the populace of the Barony of Dragon's Laire - Greetings!

Last Chance was an amazing event, and many people contributed to it's success. It's a great thing to live in a place like Dragon's Laire where the merest suggestion from the Event Steward is enough to move mountains. (And often, it didn't even take a suggestion!) I know I didn't catch everyone who contributed work, ideas, or advice, but that's my own error, and know my gratitude is no less.

That being said, I'd like to extend my thanks to all those who helped, in roles great and small, in making Last Chance such a resounding success;

To my lovely lady wife, THL Gabrielle de Cameron, who in addition to her own duties as Deputy Exchequer and taking classes on Saturday, put up with a distracted and stressed husband during the week leading up to event, took the brunt of setting up and tearing down our encampment, and made sure I was fed and hydrated throughout the weekend.

To TE Arontius and Laurellen who served as inspiration and sounding board throughout the bidding and planning process and during the event itself.

To Lady Marion, who in addition to being Exchequer handled pre-reg and the last minute change to gate fees with great grace. Speaking of the changes to gate fees - when I asked if we could follow the Kingdom's model, our Senschal THL Adelheide took on the task of polling the Financial Committee and getting a decision on short notice and within a tight time frame.

To Lady Kloe, who served as Camping Coordinator.

To Lady Jess, THL Xian, THL Diana, and others who sat gate on Friday and Saturday.

To Their Excellencies Arontius and Laurellen, Lady Diana, THL Ajax, Sir Cedric, THL Mattuesz, Lord Steven, THL Conchobar, THL Elidh, Lord Neoptolemus, THL Kassandra, THL Rhycheza, Lord Avangr, and THL Marion who came out on Friday for set up.

To the Marshals, THL Loric, Lord Steven, and M'lord Arqui and their staffs for setting up, running, and tearing down their respective areas. (Especially to M'lord Arqui who bore my last minute changes to the eric layout with such aplomb.) To Lady Inga for running the lists.

To Mistress Angharad for coordinating Family Activities.

To THL Matusez for coordinating A&S activities in the hall, and to THL Renart and Lady Diana for teaching and sharing their skills. To THL Ela for the amazing display of scribal art she laid out in the evening. To THL Rhycheza for bringing the Culinary display and showing her great skills.

To Dame Gwen who took on the task of making sure the populace was hydrated and M'lady Chrysalis who cheerfully walked the site offering water and hydrating snacks to all.

To THL Anya and THL Malcolm for setting up and manning the Gold Key and ensuring that newcomers and modern visitors had the opportunity to be clothed in medieval garb.

To THL Thangrbrand who endured long lonely hours away from the center of activity to produce the wonderful roast pork and chicken that was the centerpiece of the potluck feast, and to THL Avangr and M'lady Karen who helped him clean up his equipment afterwards. Lady Inga, THL Rhiannon, THL Ela, and Lady Ismay took charge and cleaned up the kitchen after the feast.

To THL Ela and THL Rhiannon who set up the feast area and who cleaned tables afterwards. To THL Aieleen and THL Marion who received the contributions and set up the pot luck line. (There were a *bunch* of people who set up the tables, and whose names I am completely forgetting - my thanks go to you as well, along with apologies for not taking a moment to make note.)

To Sir Cedric, Dame Brighid, and the Myrmidons for taking down the pavilions on Saturday night and lugging the heavy canvas to the hall to protect it from the dew. They made the work of the teardown crew much easier.

To THL Eileen, THL Gabrielle, and Zac of the Viridian Star who cleaned the hall, kitchen, and bathrooms on Sunday. (The hall was *sparkling* when they were done - it was truly left better than we found it.)

To TE Arontius and Laurellen, THL Mattuesz, Dame Madrun, THL Ajax, M'lord Arqui, THL Conchobar, THL Elidh, Lord Steven, Lord Neoptolemus and Lady Diana for assisting in tear down, pack out, transporting Stuff back to storage. An especial thank you to Dame Gwen who brought their truck back down to site which let the people who lived near site go straight home and my van stay on site.

To the populace of Dragon's Laire for the opportunity to serve.

Once again, if I have missed anyone, that is my own fault for which I apologize.

Yours in Service.
THL Theodoric The Scholar
Last Chance Event Steward

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/11/2014

From our OutGoing Chief Archer

Last Chance was a very happy event! Well done to the Autocrats and coordinators, volunteers, Marshallate and everyone who worked to make it a success from beginning to end. We truly enjoyed this, thank you, thank you.

Thorfinn & Khulan

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/11/2014

From THL Xian

To Theodoric and his event team who used their talents and energy to create such a wonderful event, many thanks. My thanks also To Lady Jess, Lady Inga, and the rapier community for letting me be a part of their efforts. And finally to my good friends whom I have missed and hope to see more of in the coming year.


Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/11/2014

Thanks to the Load Out Crew!

As usual many hands make light work!

Thanks to THL Connor and TLL Elidh, THL Mattuesz, and Lord Arqui for volunteering their vehicles and hauling stuff to and from site.

Also to HE Aaarontius, Lady Diana, M'lord Ben, THL Inga, and Master Talentus for helping to load said vehicles.

And of course to THL Ajax, the Baronial Steward.

THL Theodoric The Scholar
Last Chance Event Steward

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 08/07/2014

Date: 8-10 August, 2014
Location: Kitsap Saddle Club, Port Orchard, WA

Last Chance 2014 Event Steward

THL Theodoric The Scholar

Event Pre-Registration

THL Marion of Dragonslaire