An Epic Event: Last Chance!

What follows is a round-up of the event, which rocked! Huzzah to the event stewards, and Huzzah to Dragon's Laire for being so awesome!

Cleaning Up and Putting Away, Always the Last Chore

We wanted to thank Lord Diomedes and Lady Inga for providing transportation to the infrastructure to and from Last Chance this weekend. Many thanks also to Lady Kloe for the use of her trailer attached to Diomedes and Inga’s truck. It made everything much easier to load all the needed equipment in one vehicle and trailer instead of spread out over a herd of cars and trucks. Many thanks!

Thanks also to Diomedes and Inga for helping to unload same equipment into the storage unit. After a busy day yesterday, many extra hands make the drudgery of unloading that much easier.

Many thanks also to THL Renart the Fox, who drove the distance from his home in Kingston to lend us a hand in putting all the equipment back into storage. That extra support was definitely appreciated.

A final thanks to THL Theodoric the Scholar, who met us at the Storage Unit to unload the feasting equipment, and also assisted in the unloading of equipment back into storage. Thank You!

Took us less than a half-hour to unload, and the Storage Unit is still in a passable organized condition. :-)

Thanks! Arontius.
Baron, Dragon’s Laire.

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More from the B&B

It takes many people to produce a good event, and before we put this event into the scrap books there are a number of people we want to specifically thank for their support and efforts on our behalf to help make us look good as Baron and Baroness this last weekend. We are sure that people will be overlooked. Not on purpose, but because there are so many involved that it would take many, many e-mails to name them all. We encourage anyone who witnessed deeds of valor and support being done in the name of Dragon’s Laire to name them on the list so that all involved may be recognized.

Many thanks to those who performed as our retinue in any capacity. Namely, we’re looking at THL Adelheide Leeuwin. Even though she had to go to her modern job later in the day, she spent time quietly following us around, making sure we always had something to drink, that we had any paperwork or materials we needed at hand. Her attentiveness was amazing and so non-intrusive we barely knew she was there half the time. We sincerely appreciate all that you do for us, Adelheide!

Our Court staff work hard to make Court happen with as much pageantry as possible and as smoothly as possible. Tsuruko Sensei works magic as our Court Coordinator to ensure everything is laid out and ready to hand to us as needed. She makes sure all the business is on the agenda and that it is organized. She assigns jobs behind the thrones and oversees all the operations. She is simply amazing! We sincerely also appreciate our Vox Draconis, Lord Diomedes. Even after a full day in the Armored Championship, he still worked hard for us to ensure Court happened and that everything was heralded with as much pageantry as possible.

Another amazing person is THL Gabrielle de Cameron. She is our Chief Scribe, ensuring that we have scrolls for all the recognitions and awards given. Then she works behind the thrones also to organize business and help wherever another hand is needed. Thank you Gabrielle!

During Court, whenever we turned to reach for a scroll or necklace or some other needed item, we were often looking into the face of Maestra Althaia filia Lazari, who worked hard also behind the thrones. Thank you very much for all your support.

We wish to acknowledge the other two Champions of Dragon’s Laire who supported us during the day while the Martiallate Championships themselves were underway. THL Ivan Leskob, Dragon’s Laire Equestrian Champion, took it upon himself to be our guard throughout the day. He was helpful whenever a hand was needed and lent considerable support with just his presence. Thank You, Ivan. We look forward to the Kingdom Equestrian Championship this weekend at September Crown so we can witness your VICTORY!!!! The other Champion was Lady Andromacha of Lesbos, Dragon’s Laire Bardic Champion. She was another who lent a hand wherever it was needed, and worked hard to render the Championships of the day into rhyme and song so that the victories themselves could be remembered far into the future. Many thanks, Andromacha!

During the day, our thrones needed to be moved a handful of times in order to become part of a Tournament (Archery), or to bear witness to the final rounds of a Championship (Armored and Rapier). We want to thank all those who stepped forward to provide this service. We are grateful for this. It may seem like a small thing, but we appreciate it a great deal. I only remember a few of the people who helped on this, so I’ll just leave it at that. We thank you for your help.

We wish to recognize Dame Madrun for taking charge of gate. This is often a long term and sometimes boring job. But it is a job that must be done and we are grateful for any who undertake it. Thank You, Madrun.

Finally, and again, we wish to recognize all the hard work put forth by Lord Ajax of the Myrmidons, Event Steward, who worked hard to help plan Last Chance, ensure that everything made it to site and was set up, and made sure that all the rented infrastructure arrived where and when needed. This was Ajax’ first time as a Steward over such a major event and he did an outstanding job. Thank You, Ajax!

We are reminded again and again how special a place Dragon’s Laire is. We all come together to create beauty and magic in everything we do as a group. Thank you all for being a part of it.

Arontius and Laurellen
Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

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Good Reviews are Plentiful!

This had to be the best Last Chance EVER!

We got all set up, my boys really stepped up and helped and when several gentlemen saw me doing it all myself they stepped up and helped with the heavy lifting. We ended up bringing two cars because of a couple extra things I wanted to take and didn't use :-) Spent my entire days marshaling the youth archery range. I got to use my Pink and Purple marshaling staff :-). Had a blast. During breaks I actually got to sit and talk to some of my favorite people! Surprise! The Boys were really really good!

Aine spent her day taking pictures of all of the archers - she was a good girl and I only had to yell at her once not to pick up anything over 15 pounds - doctors orders. She took over 1000 pictures and once she edits she will put where ever she puts them for all to see. Went to court.

Iain (8) took 2nd in the Youth archery Competition. First place went to Hipolata (?) Isis our 12 year old archer who has been competing and shooting half on the adult range and half on the youth range. These two were WOWED. I know we had a third place winner and I do apologize for not remembering her name (congratulations) because when I saw Iain got 2nd I went into wow mode and my brain must have exploded with pride. Then I got the shock of my life. They called me up and I'm going what did I do wrong. And they are talking and talking and I still don't have a clue what is going on and pow they give me a Snap Dragon for service on the youth archery range. Its like wow I got an award for being a mommy! Not exactly sure what else it means but I know a lot of those getting the Snap Dragon have been in service for years. Evidently several people at archery nominated me. Thanks everyone your really surprised me and I NEVER EVER expected anything like this I am still stunned. Then we had a really good dinner (Sausage, Cheese and Bread my favorite meal) and I helped break down tents something I have never been able to do. Got to raze the Baron who was teasing me about organizing the wagon they were putting the tent poles in - what a mess! Any way it was really fun!


Siobhan O'Cleary
Clan Erskine

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For all the Straw Bale Huckers!

I wish to extend a special thanks a to everyone that helped with moving and disposal of the straw bales left over from June Faire. Friday we sorted out the best of a rather mixed batch of good and nasty bales to use for Archery and Thrown Weapons. The 60 or so nasty ones went over the hill at the back of the site. They all needed to have the strings cut and removed. This was a dusty sweaty job that left us covered in moldy straw dust and itchy. Sat after Court, many hands again made the work light as we sorted out who got what and what was left to go over the hill.

I won't attempt to list all that pitched in to lend a hand in fears of leaving someone out. You know who you are!

Magister Arion the Wanderer

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From the Food Wrangler

Once again we put another successful and amazing event in the rear view mirror! But it doesn't happen without many hands carrying the burdens...

Many thanks to Lord Thangbrand (sausage maker extraordinaire and cook), Lord Avinger (loan of a grill, transporting the same, and cooking), THL's Rhycheza and Gabrielle (sausage making, potluck table setup and teardown), Lady Inga (potluck table setup), THL Ivan (unloading, schlepping, and loading), and Lord Diomedes (the Diomedes Broadcasting System).

There were many other hands that assisted with setting up and tearing down the tables who names I failed to catch. My thanks and apologies for not catching your names.

To THL Richard Dragun goes extra thanks - when I spoke to him earlier in the week about borrowing his personal gas grill because of the burn ban, he went the extra mile and located a large towed gas grill, transported it to and from site, and cleaned it afterwards. Without that grill, everything would have been much more difficult.

Yours in service
THL Theodoric the Scholar

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About Site Set-Up

Many thanks to those who journeyed to the Uplands of Port Gamble to help ready the site for Last Chance: Renart, Khulan, Kloe, Madrun, Dianne, Tony, Isis, Thomas, Theodoric, Conchobar, Eilidh, Alys, Mael-Duin, Myrick, Arion, Richard, Shalimariah, Diomedes, Trent and Avinger. Each of you made set-up fast and easy.


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Date: 23-24 August
Location: Uplands, Port Gamble, WA

Last Chance 2013 Event Stewards

HL Ajax of the Myrmidons
Baron Arontius of Bygelswade