June Faire Board Forming

TEs and the Seneschal are looking for this coming year's June Faire Board. If you want to be on the board, want to set up a board, or more, let one of them know! Applications are due on 16th October, so time is of the essence!

June Faire Committee Reports

TEs and the Seneschal have put together a June Faire committee to discuss the future of our premier event. If you have anything you wish to bring up to the committee please speak to one of the committee members: Baron Conchobar, Baroness Eilidh, Renart the Fox of Berwyk, Master Arontius of Bygelswade, Dame Madrun, Master Ralg, Sir Andras, THL Diomedes, Dame Brighid, THL Ermanerich, Tsuruko Sensei and Magister Arion the Wanderer.

Recent Information about the Committee and June Faire from HE

First of all it is of utmost importance that a June Faire Board be formed and we are accepting letters of intent for those interested in taking over as chairman of June Faire. We will be accepting these letters until October 16.

Secondly, the June Faire advisory committee is making some progress and the hard work of getting a site is almost done. However final choice will be up to the chosen chair person of the June Faire committee. We will soon move on to trying to figure out June Faire and find ways to streamline the event and advise this years board and future June Faires as to some strategies to ensure June Faires success in the future. To this end we would like to hold a series of "listening sessions" so that the populace can express and share their June Faire experiences and successes as well as their critique of the event. The first of these sessions will be held at fight practice on the 27th of this month.

In addition members of the committee have volunteered to be "experts" in the different areas of effect for the event and will be soliciting specific information from the populace as well as in the Kingdom to work closely with the offices of the Barony and June Faire board to better provide for the members of the Kingdom a quality event in the tradition of June Faires past. These members and their areas of expertise are as follows:
Arts and Sciences: Dame Madrun and Tsuruko Sensei
Marshallatte: His Lordship Ermannerich and His Lordship Diomedes
Archery and Thrown Weapons: Magister Arion
Camping: Master Ralg
Merchants and Logistics: Master Arontius
Volunteerism: Dame Brighid.

It is important to reiterate that the purpose of the committee is to steer June Faire to a place of continued sustainability and success in the future and not to run the event. For instance it is not the place of the committee to dictate where the erics go,or site layout but to advise the board and offices as to the desires of the participants in that regard and the kinds of tourneys the populace would like to see or participate in and how to best integrate modern participation in that activity.

Notes and minutes of our committee meetings are soon to be made available to the populace but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

In constant service, I remain,
Conchobar Mac Eoin, Baron of Dragons Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 10/10/2015

June Faire Rocked, as Usual!

Thanks to everyone who came out, demoed, worked, visited, taught and just watched. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Acknowledgements and Thank Yous

First we had to get everything there:

From Master Arontius at the Store Unit

After a long day of June Faire preparations it was extremely gratifying to see so many show up and lend of their time and energy in putting all the equipment from the Baronial Storage Units into the Rental Truck this evening. Things moved so quickly we were done in less than an hour.

I would like to show my gratitude towards the following who were present this evening:

Many, many thanks for all of your efforts. It was extremely appreciated!!!
Arontius of Bygelswade
June Faire XXXIII, Board Chairman.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/03/2015

And set it all up:

From Master Arontius at the Site

June Faire is a very complex endeavor with a enormous amount of energy and time needed to pull together to make it the magical event it is to the Modern World, as well the SCA Community that it is every year. This is all a voluntary effort as well. None of those who put forth all that time and energy are paid to do so, they do it from a sense of purpose, a sense of fun, and a sense of camaraderie, among other things.

As I walked the site today assisting in the set-up, everywhere I looked were people hard at work. I would like to acknowledge all of their efforts. I know I will forget a number of names on this. Not on purpose, but from lack of brain cells. Please forgive me in advance. :-) And, actually, let me know off-list, so I can properly thank them at an appropriate time.

Many Thanks to the Board Officers and immediate Deputies who led the charge: Dame Madrun y Gwehyddes (SCA Coordinator); Kloe of Thira (Camping Coordinator) and her Deputy THL Myrick le Bear; HE Francisca de Montoya (Gate Coordinator) and Rosamund Wynder (Pre-Registration and back-up gate); Inga Alreksdottir (Contracts), with mighty assistance from Lord Diomedes.

THL Ajax of the Myrmidons and Lord Diomedes started helping immediately with the off-load of the Rental Truck. We nearly completed it before lunch.

Many Thanks to Richard Everett and Kassandra of Dragon’s Laire for leading the charge in the set-up of the brand new Baronial Pavilion and the PooFKA. Thanks also to Richard Everett for backing up Gabrielle as exchequer today. It is a weighty responsibility!

Countess Elisabeth, along with her assistants Dame Ellen Fraser and Redwolf, had the Marketplace organized in short order.

THL Mateusz z Plocka, THL Rycheza z Polska, THL Theodoric the Scholar, Dame Gwenllyn Potter, and a number of others worked hard to organize and start set-up of the Arts and Sciences Village and the new ‘Hamsterley Hall’.

There was a huge pavilion set-up crew. This included Sir Andras Truemark, Dame Brighid Ross, Sir Cedric Wlfraven, THL Jess of the Roving Irishmen, David ‘Gwion Bach’ Carr, Diana Cartier, Shane LaPierre, Ehrig of the Roving Irishmen, His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin, Archos Alaricus Simmonds, Lord Avengr, THL Marion, THL Ela y Ynis Dewi, Dame Eleanor of Leycestershyre, THL Thangbrand, Penny (with Gold Key, whose SCA name escapes me), and others whose names I did not write down when I should have.

Lord Arqai Ne’urin worked diligently and hard practically all day long to ensure that the Eric Martiallate spaces were meticulously set-up. Thank you, Arqai!.

Thank you to THL Marcus for setting up the pavilion for Family Activities this weekend. That was greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to THL Renart the Fox for taking time out of his busy day to make sure the Gold Trimmed Baronial was delivered to site so it could be set up in the Arts and Sciences Village.

A special thank you to the crew who traveled to site from Druim Doineann. They tirelessly gave of their efforts, and cheerfully as well. All day long. This included Althon Ulrichsoon, Griggin Enguerrand, and John Blackburn. Thank you, guys. You were awesome!

House Awry are also THE BEST! They were everywhere! Setting up pavilions, putting out decorations, organizing the ranges. I love House Awry! This includes Amber Posten, Brian Chamberlin, Mark Boutet, Salla of the House of Awry, Stuart of House Awry, and Stephen of House Awry. Chris Kelley (Milo) and Teresa Atkinson were also on my list, but I didn’t recognize faces, so am not sure. House Awry RAWKS though and that is the bottom line! :-)

That’s all I think I can remember at the moment. As mentioned, if there is a name missing from this list that should be present, please let me know off-list so that I can make sure they are thanked somehow.

Many Thanks! Arontius of Bygelswade.
June Faire XXXIII Board Chairman.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/04/2015

The Straw Bales were a bit of a Bother

From Master Arontius in the Straw Field

Earlier today Tractor Supply, the Company set to deliver our straw bales, let us know that their delivery truck was inoperable and that they could probably not deliver our ninety straw bales as we requested (and paid for). This may not be as large a concern for like seating around the Erics or in the Arts and Sciences areas. But for the Archery and Thrown Weapons people, this was a show stopper for activities that bring much to June Faire.

Without hesitation a group of people was assembled by His Excellency Conchobar, with trailers in two and we all took off down to the store in Port Orchard. It took a couple of hours due to the horrible back-ups on the highway, but everything is now set up for the weekend in that regard.

I wanted to especially thank His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin and those assembled who made the trip back and forth to Port Orchard, including THL Myrick Le Bear, THL Ajax of the Myrmidons, Lord Avengr, HE Barnet Acelin and Lord Diomedes. Your efforts were extremely appreciated by the Archery Community and the Autocrat Staff.

Many Thanks to the Archers themselves, as well as House Awry, for all the help in unloading and setting them up on site.

Thanks! Arontius
June Faire XXXIII.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/05/2015

And then, the event was held!

From Master Arontius: standing with the JFBoD, out in that field

Every June Faire is unique in the challenges met and the victories that are won. June Faire XXXIII was no exception. It’ll take a number of weeks of shuffling paperwork, paying off the bills and tallying all the receipts to determine just how successful we were this year. But from my standpoint as chairman the fact that I’m writing this missive today; with no major injuries to report, with no major incidents, and with many, many people speaking about all the fun they had in attendance under blue and not overly warm skies, that I declare this June Faire a success! :-)

For me personally, no matter what the challenges are I can say without hesitation that I enjoy seeing something as complex June Faire come together. I also greatly enjoy the fact that many hundreds; yes, hundreds, of people work together in endeavors both large and small, to make this success happen. No one person can claim this success as no one person can make June Faire happen alone.

Even though there are many, many people to be thanked for making June Faire XXXIII happen, I wish to start this evening with the Board members themselves. They worked hard over many months to organize and execute detailed efforts.

SCA Coordinator: Madrun y Gwehyddes (MKA Kris Leet) – Madrun oversaw the organization of most of the major activities involved in June Faire, including what activities would happen and where they would be placed. This is not an easy job as it requires tracking many details and working with a myriad of people to come to compromises both large and small. She also pioneered the “Hamsterley Hall” Living History exhibits, which were a success by all accounts. Great work, Madrun!

The SCA Coordinator has a couple of Deputies who work hard in their own rite to produce a fun June Faire experience. Lady Kloe of Thira was the Camping Coordinator for June Faire this year and she absolutely RAWKED!!! She was calm and unflappable during even the most chaotic times. She was patient and dependable. I love Kloe!!! She is AWESOME! :-)

THL Arkhai Ne’urin was the Martiallate Coordinator this year and worked hard to ensure a fun and successful martiallate experience. Which was proven in the number of armored and rapier fighters, archers and martiallate competitors we had on site. Thank you, Arkhai!

THL Mateusz z Plocka organized the Arts and Sciences Village, which had many, many visitors over the weekend and showed some outstanding demonstrations of the crafts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Marketplace Coordinator: Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol (MKA Lisa Mohr) – Countess Elisabeth worked with the merchant community to ensure we had a Marketplace that showcased what the SCA is. There was a long jurying process which involved working with many people to assist them through this process. Port Gamble is not an easy location to place a group of merchants as there are not a great deal of flat, open spaces that work well with merchant booths. She persevered though and we ended up with an outstanding Marketplace. Thank you, Countess Elisabeth (Lion of An Tir! ROAR!!!)!

Town Liaison (Contracts): Inga Alreksdottir (MKA Catherine Phillips) – Contracts seemed to be especially fraught with peril this year as a number of our usual vendors were not available and it seemed more difficult than usual to establish our infrastructure. Inga showed great resourcefulness in making these things happen. She was also assisted when possible by Lord Diomedes Pleurokopeon, whenever the Navy allowed him to do so. Thank you Inga and Diomedes!

Public Relations: Ataliana ‘Talia’ de Segna (MKA Sharon Greany) – Talia had a number of challenges in the ‘Real World’ this year, which made her efforts on behalf of June Faire XXXIII that much more appreciated. She has an amazing resilience and perseverance that enabled her to finish all her duties on behalf of the Team. Thank you, Talia!

Continuity Coordinator: Laurellen du Brandevin (MKA Tammie Dupuis) / Gwenllyn Potter (MKA Wendy McComb) – Both of these good people worked hard to assist in the administrative side of the Board. They produced notes, helped to organize processes, and lent a helping hand whenever possible. A special thank you to Dame Gwenllyn for producing the Site Handout, which was both elegant and useful. Thank you Laurellen and Gwenllyn!

Gate Coordinator: Francisca de Montoya (MKA Heidi S. Goddard-Edwards) – Francisca had the added challenge of actually living in Glymm Mere, but still managed to make most of the meetings and lent her advice whenever possible. She worked hard to ensure gate ran smoothly and ensured that we had both crossing guards and parking support. She was always calm and resourceful and a great person with whom to work. Thank you, Francisca.

THL Rosamund Wynder worked as Francisca’s Deputy for Pre-Registration, as well as her main gate staff support over the weekend. She was highly efficient and highly organized. I was super impressed with everything she did. Thank you very much for your support, Rosamund!

A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to Amber of House Awry. She worked as the Decorations Coordinator this year. She not only produced a number of new banners, she also organized a highly efficient and hard working Team who both set up decorations and then removed them on Sunday. Many Thanks, Amber!!!

It was a special privilege to work with this Team on June Faire XXXIII. I thank them personally for all of their hard work and willing efforts to make June Faire XXXIII the successful event it was.

Many Thanks!
Arontius of Bygelswade.
June Faire XXXIII Board Chairman.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/08/2015

From the Court Coordinator, THL Aline

Thank you to Our Scribes and Artisians for without your talents we would have nothing to give out!

Thank you Tsurko Sensei and Countess E for Heralding.

Those that helped "behind the scenes" with Court: THL Marion, THL Skalla of House Awry ,and m'lady Isabella

In Service,
THL Aline Lewiwthe
DL Court Coordinator

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/08/2015

From the Chirugeon, THL Aline

Thank you to His Excellency of Wyewood, Robert Trinite and THL Laurin of Rosewood for assisting me during the weekend with Chirugeonete activities and duties.

As always your help was greatly appreciated!

In Service
THL Aline Lewiwthe
Dragons Laire Chirugeon

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/08/2015

From Gold Key!

June Faire, as we know, has now come & gone.  Now is the time to regroup, & start planning for next year. The weather DEFINITELY cooperated...lots of sunshine, plenty of blue sky, & LOTS of heat! Gold Key was SWAMPED, to put it mildly!  We had people, people, & more people!

At this time I don't have the numbers to tell me exactly how many persons( men, women & children), that we outfitted, but there were sure a lot of them.

A big part of these wonderful people, were referrals from our Clientele going out into our Worlde. As we outfitted them, all we asked, was 1 thing...if you see someone who wants to experience June Faire Medieval style,  please refer them to us.  Isn't word- of- mouth a wonderful thing???  It really works!!

We have received a few Donations of clothing, & we have spoken to one Gentle(?) who is from Seattle, & who knows someone from DL, & will pass on to his "DL Connection", beaucoup bolts of material, so that the "Sewing Minions of Gold Key" can make more apparel for the people to wear.

One of our Minions, is not only a "Sewing Minion", bujt whom is also a photographer, also ran a question past Master Arontius..she would like to open a photography booth next to GK next year, so that the people might be able be able to have their pictures taken in Garb.  Master Arontius stated that he thought it was a wonderful idea. We had a couple of other suggestions come in, & they will be discussed at a later time.

We had a contest to "Name The Gold Key Mascots", that my Chief Minion, Penny Moore-Gordon has made.  We thought we had a winner, but the votes must be recounted, as we missed a few, so the winning name will be announced at a later time, unfortunately.

NOW....is the time for me to say "THANK YOU" to a lot of WONDERFUL people.      Please bear with meIf you think this is a "family- run" enterprise...you MAY be right.

1st: My gratitude goes out to my lovely Lord Husband, HL Malcolm Radcliffe, for being MY inspiration, & moral support.Next comes, my Deputy, & Chief( Purple) minion, Penny Moore-Gordon, Thank you for BEING my Deputy & Chief Minion,& for being there to put up our establishment when I couldn't be there.

Penny's Wonderfully crafty Husband, Ken Gordon, for inventing & building our wonderful clothing racks, (so long ago), & for assistingKen's brother, Lyle to put them together, & also Thank you for Lyle doing everything from helping put up GK, hanging clothes, being a food wrangler, assisting us in our efforts to tear down GK,(Ken also), Penny's nephew, Austin, for being a resident "go-fer", food wrangler, carry-er of chairs, etc. for people,  & for being Operations Manager for the "Name The Mascots" drive.Penny's niece(?) Candy, for helping us hang clothes, & for keeping us sane when we were losing it, holding the "fort", so certain of us could make biffie runs from time to time,My gratitude goes out to Miss Olivia Gill, for staying with us at GK, during her breaks form Lady Diana Cartier's DDD Derby, when she could have been having more fun with kids her age.Also, I cannot forget my "last year's Minions"- Miss Magdalena & family- (you were the ones who declared that all GK assistants would forever be known as the MINIONS of Gold Key !) I must say Thank You to the Excellent Excellency who came & helped Miss  Penny not only raise GK from the ground, but also hang clothing, & bring us one of our first Clients of the Day, Saturday.LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I must also tell these wonderful fighters,( you know who you are), THANK YOU for your assistance, ( armored or un armored, I know not), for helping hang clothing for us. We greatly appreciate you & ALL of the people who assisted us in readying for when the Gates opened.

I most humbly apologize for this being such a long report, but I felt it was necessary to place the credit where it belongs.

Your friendly neighborhood Gold Keys,
HL Anya MacLachlan, GK Officer, & M'Lady Penny Moore-Gordon, Deputy, & Chief Minion

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/09/2015

From The Seneschal

June Faire! What can I say, it was incredible. There were no major troubles (that I know of), there was lots of sun, and on Saturday there were a ton of people! Smiling faces were all around, from the Sca folks participating to the tons of moderns that were so very interested in what was going on. My thanks goes out to Master Arontius of Bygelswade and to the June Faire board; it’s members have been working some long days making preparations for the event, and their hard work really showed itself. There were other members of Dragon’s Laire and those from other parts of the Kingdom, not officially on the board but still working hard to make this event happen. Again, my thanks to you all, for it is the work of many to make June Faire what it is.

Renart le fox de berwyk

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/09/2015

The Dirty Dozen Competition Was Great!

Thank you to all who entered the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby at June Faire!!  You made it a huge success!

The winner of the Populace Choice AND the Baronial Choice, was Aurora Prindle, whose Norse Dolls took the Derby by storm!!

The winner of Their Majesty's choice, was HL Gabriella Marguerite, with her Renaissance Miniature Portraits!

But the real winners were the Kingdom of An Tir and the Barony of Dragon's Laire, who were thrilled with all the largesse they received due to all of your generous donations! Thank you again to:

I want to thank M'lady LaDon Gill of Wealdsmere for making the largesse bags that were used to deliver the largesse to Their Majesties and Their Excellencies after the derby was over.  Great job, the bags were awesome, but with that comes experience.....next year they should probably be much bigger!!

I also want to thank M'lady Olivia Gill (M'lady LaDon's daughter) for sitting with me at the Donation Derby table for most of the day.  Olivia did a fantastic job and is a quick study at learning what the Derby was all about, what largesse is and what it is used for, and did a wonderful job of explaining this to the populace who stopped by to cast their vote!

If you are interested in doing this again next year, please contact me off list and I will add you to my already growing list of entrants!

Always YIS, Lady Diana Cartier
Barony of Dragon's Laire
Kingdom of An Tir

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/10/2015

From our Chief Archer and the Camp O Crat

This last weekend was incredible. I had the pleasure and honor of working with so many wonderful people. There are many a thank you to hand out.

Myrick thank you for finding me at the bottom of land looking lost and helping me get everything on track. Avanger, Karna, and John of House Id, thank you for helping me get all that ground striped and ready for campers.

So much appreciation for the teams of households who worked so diligiently to help me with land, those of House Brown Cloaks, House Awry, and the Cretan Archers stood watch over getting people onto their lands and fill open camping with very little issue. Thomas of Salisbury and Richard for getting the Big Dragon’s in place over in RV Land. Thank you To Elisabeth, Emil, and the other wonderful people who helped them, for spending time directing cars on the top of the hill so that there would be as little traffic back-ups on the main road as possible.

To the Archery Range set-up crew of Ehrig, Axylus, Thomas, and Alaricus thank you for helping set up the Archery Range. The layout looked great. Telemon, Alaricus, and Thomas thank you for sticking around for those hay bale delays. All your diligence and efforts ensured we would have a range to shoot on.

To those archers, marshals, and Scadians who took time to assist at the Modern Range, Alaricus, Axylus, Thomas, Stephen, Skalla, Ruth, Alex, Phillip, Felice, Tyler, Eric, Nolwenn, The Gentleman I spent half the time talking to when I wasn’t busy with something else, and the others whose names have run off and escaped me (must be with the list of names that I had begun to write but also managed to loose) thank you so very much for giving of your time to make our Hundreds of families of modern guests time enjoyable on the range.

To Evrard de Valogne thank you for the beautiful prize arrows. They were stunning!

Thank you to Alis, Thomas, Kassandra and Alaricus, for the day shades on the Period Range. Having a nice covered space to sit made a huge difference in the heat of the weekend. Thank you to Cassandra and Madeline for walking back to camp to grab my spare pop-up for shade on the modern range when we could not locate the period canvas.

Also a thank you to Thomas of Salisbury for the dragon targets for the moderns to shoot at, and to Arion for gluing down all those target faces for us to shoot at.

To all the archers that picked up a bow Thank you to you all for coming out and showing our guests what it is we do.

To any one I may have forgotten I apologize, I am absolutely terrible with names. Your work was all appreciated!

Lady Kloe of Thira

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/10/2015

From the Volunteer Coordinator

Many, many thanks to the incredible number of you who helped make June Faire successful once again. I know there are many of you whose names I do not know should be named. There is one that I would like to name here as she volunteered on the spot on Sunday as everyone was tiring from our busy event. M'lady Astrid (mka Katie) volunteered without hesitation to herald the Baroness's Story Time. Because of her efforts, many children had the privilege and the joy of attending.

Volunteer Coordinator

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/11/2015

We Had Help from our Wonderful Neighbors!

From Master Arontius, now standing in the neighbors' fields

Many extended their hands and their hearts to put forth all the effort needed to make June Faire the wonderful experience it was. I would like to take a couple of minutes to personally thank the Shire of Druim Doineann and their specific efforts on our behalf. They are a small group, but they are mighty and hard working. They are a group of people with hearts of gold and their support is invaluable.

Many Thanks to all those who traveled from our neighboring Shire to the North to support June Faire XXXIII.

On Thursday for set-up, Lord Griffin Enguerrand, M’Lord John Blackburn and and THL Althon Ulirchsson arrived at 1PM and worked diligently until into the evening, supported as well by Karl Ayes. They set up pavilions, carried materials, moved equipment. They worked continuously with good humor and patient attitudes, which were an extreme pleasure to those of us who were stressing out with all the preparations of the day.

Lord Griffin also spent a number of hours at gate on Saturday, which is surely not the most glamorous of jobs, but one of great importance.

M’Lord John Blackburn also supported us with several hours of industriousness on Sunday taking down infrastructure and helping us secure the site after the weekend. I doubly appreciate this help. All of us are supremely tired after a long weekend of effort (no matter how fun it might be). To continue with that help on Sunday is an awesome service to us.

THL Althon also performed the unenviable task of supplying biffy lights to all the many biffies on site on Friday night. Again, another non-glamorous tasking that is important in its own right.

Archery has an incredible presence at June Faire every year, which requires a large and knowledgeable marshalling staff presence in itself. Many thanks to Lady Rhiannon nan Duneach and Lord Gavin nan Duneach for assisting in this effort.

For the first time in a number of years, June Faire did not have a dedicated Ghosting Patrol. Even so, members of House Id and The Keep provided this service without even being asked. As well as rounds of biffy patrol.

Service, no matter how small, how large, how un-glamorous it may be on the surface, is still required for an event like June Faire to be successful. I would like to thank all those from Druim Doineann who provided the above assistance to us when we needed it. We shall not forget it, nor our neighbors to the north!

Many Thanks!
Arontius of Bygelswade.
June Faire XXXIII Board Chairman.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/09/2015

And then, We left:

From Master Arontius, Still outstanding in his Field

Many thanks to THL Marcus, Madeline and Penny's Household for staying so late on Sunday and cleaning up.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/07/2015

From Master Arontius, back in the u-haul Truck!

I think the most difficult part of June Faire has to be the removal and the putting away of June Faire on Sunday of June Faire weekend. Everyone involved is extremely tired, they have their personal encampments and situation which require attention, and the removal of all the tentage, packing of the rental truck and placing into storage is a daunting task. I wanted to especially thank those who stayed yesterday afternoon and helped make all this happen. I am extremely grateful for those hands and the willingness to put forth that effort.

Unloading the rental truck and getting everything put back into the Storage Units themselves had these good people involved: Master Hrollaugr Njalsson (Master Ralg), His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin (with Her Excellency Eilidh Keldeleth) providing motivation and child minding services in the background), Sir Andras Truemark, Lord Diomedes Pleurokopeon, Lady Diana Cartier, Lord Stephen of House Awry, THL Elisabeth Trostin, and Lady Kloe of Thira.

Removing the straw bales from site was also a long and daunting task, made much easier with the assistance from HE Barnet Acelin, who provided both a trailer to haul the straw bales as well as his assistance in wrangling those same bales. I’d had a handful of people on tap to help with this effort, but lost their services on Sunday. I was supremely glad these people helped with this. THL Marcus Tullius Calvus Cambrensis, Lady Kloe of Thira and one other lady who worked just as hard as the rest of us but whose name is registering a blank right now (extremely apologies!). If someone could pass along that name, I’d be grateful.

The tearing down of pavilions and packing them into the rental truck took yet another crew of people who deserve recognition, including His Excellency Conchobar MacEoin, Lord Diomedes Pleurokopeon, Mistress Althaia filia Lazari, Lord Arqai Ne’urin, THL Ajax of the Myrmidons, Lord Stephen of House Awry, THL Ela y Ynis Dewi, M’Lady Katheryne Tunstall, and THL Rhiannon of Eagle’s Flight. Again, there were several others involved steadily in this endeavor whose faces are sitting in front of me, but whose names do not connect. My sincere apologies!

A special shout out to the crew from House Awry who spent time in taking down all the site decorations and ensuring they were packaged and placed in transportation from site. Many thanks to Lady Amber of House Awry, and all the members of the household who worked on this.

Finally, a definite word of thanks to THL Marcus Tullius Calvus Cambrensis, M’Lady Madeline of Blackberry Hollow, and the Household led by M’Lady Penny, who patrolled site and gathered all the remaining loose odds-and-ends into one location. THL Marcus especially for gathering all the rental tables. It will now be much easier this morning to place them into the rental truck for their return back to the rental store.

With Much Gratitude!
Arontius of Bygelswade.
Board Chairman, June Faire XXXIII.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/08/2015

THL Ela writes:

In assistance with pavillion take down, a few noble members of our populus missed attention; My Lord "Jon", Lady Ciar and Lady Katheryne Tunstall (three of our newest Antir lords and ladies) helped to the bitter end. Not only did they diligently work in the Culinary and Scribal demos all day, but assisted others when our area was taken down and they were free to go home.

Huzzah and thank you for your generous help.

Your Humble Servant,
Ela Pennaeth y Ynis Dewi
Baronial Scribe and Scribal Guild Head

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 06/09/2015

Date: June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2015
Port Gamble, WA

June Faire is our demonstration event for the public and it is HUGE! It's our chance to show off everything that makes the SCA worthwhile!

June Faire 2015 Event Team

Board of Directors

The Barony of Dragon's Laire

Documents for Running Events

Documents about running events, especially June Faire, can be found on the Baronial Documents and Forms page.

Pictures from June Faire 2015

Once again, one of Dragon's Laires most wonderful photographers, THL Marcus, has sent in a link to his pictures of June Faire. Enjoy them!

Pictures from June Faire 2014

THL Marcus sends this link to his pictures of June Faire.