June Faire ROCKED!

Thanks to everyone who participated, set up, tore down, demoed, fought, educated, and had a blast!

From Their Excellencies

We are still recovering from a truly magnificent June Faire weekend. There are many, many people to recognize and thank for the thousands of deeds performed in support of one of the largest events in the Kingdom of An Tir. We are sure the Event Stewards have those they wish to thank as well, and we didn’t want to take away from their words. So we’re going to start with those who supported us directly and work out from there. These words will take several days to put together as so many people were involved and need to be recognized for all of their support and hard work.

But before going into our support staff, from the Site Teardown there were names overlooked who definitely need mentioning. M’Lord Rhys, Her Excellency Laurellen’s son, assisted His Excellency Barnet in the moving of straw bales from Port Gamble to the Uplands for storage. M’Lady Madeline assisted with the loading of the Rental Truck on site for movement of infrastructure back to storage.

Over the weekend we were tended by a group of people who were attentive to our every need. With their presence at our sides we were able to provide ceremony and vision to both the Modern Public and to the SCA Populace, both aspects of what people comes to June Faire to see. Our retinue also made it possible to provide recognition in the form of awards and tokens of thankfulness given to members of the Populace in Roving Court and in formal Courts on both Saturday and Sunday. We wish to thank them most profusely for being such steady and amazingly thoughtful and attentive people. We could not have achieved success without their help.

Our Courts were coordinated and staged diligently and smartly by Tsuruko Sensei. Her efforts ensured our agenda was smooth and that all aspects of what we wanted to see were achieved. She organized everyone supporting us with precision and we are sincerely grateful once again for everything she has done for us. During each day she additionally acted as our Vox Draconis, our Voice Herald, whenever our voice needed to be heard. She followed us about site as we traveled through our Roving Court. She acted as our Voice during Evening Court on Saturday and whenever a Court Herald was needed. We love her. :-)

We want to thank THL Ivan Leskov, our Equestrian Champion, for performing his duties admirably over the weekend. He stood guard behind and besides us. He attended us during our Roving Court and even carried our banner everywhere we went. He attended to every request we had and added to the ceremonial presence in any way he could. Thank you for the service you provided, Ivan. It was sincerely appreciated.

Over the course of the weekend a cadre of people stepped forward to support us however and wherever they could. An army of attendants stood behind us during Saturday Evening Court to pass awards and tokens, take items handed to us, fetch whatever items we needed (whether they were in the general area or not, they ran to grab items simply on our request). We would not have succeeded without their support and we are truly grateful! Many thanks to THL Marion of Dragon’s Laire, Lady Jess Dunn of the Roving Irishmen, THL Adelheidi Leeuwin, Dame Madrun Gwehyddes, Dame Gwenllyn Potter, THL Ataliana Segna, THL Ivan Leskov, THL Aileen of Dragon’s Laire, THL Gabrielle Cameron and THL Ela y Enis Dewi.

Our Baronial Scribe, has been so incredibly supportive! She has worked hard and diligently to provide us with all the charters we have needed. With some many things to accomplish in support of June Faire, we were scattered and uncommunicative. Ela worked with us constantly to help us organize our scribal needs and get charters identified. She has worked hard at ensuring all those who have received Promissories are listed so as to receive ‘real’ charters as soon as possible. She has been kind and directly supportive to us in person and have sincerely appreciated that support. Thank you so very much Ela!

On Saturday, we were heralded into Evening Court by THL Caius Foxcotte. He announced our arrival into Court with many glowing words he authored himself. He greeted Their Majesties with extreme style and grace and his words were incredibly inspirational to our ears. Caius has been an unflagging support to us since our very first day wearing the Baronial Coronets and we cannot express our depth of gratitude for everything he has done for us as our Voice Herald, both as Vox Draconis and directly as our personal Voice Heralds. Thank you, Caius!

Dame Gwenllyn Potter, since before we began our tenure you have been our truest friend and most loyal companion. We are successful because of your direct involvement. You have supported us no matter what and we can always count on you to be at our sides no matter how tough the road stretching out before us becomes. Thank you for that support. This last weekend you supported us directly with largesse, with prizes, ensuring we were kept fed and had liquids always available. No matter what support we needed, you found it and made sure we had it. Thank you so very much for everything you do for us!

All of these people helped make us look as good and in the process helped ensure Dragon’s Laire’s place as the greatest Barony in all of An Tir. Thank you all very, very much for everything you did for us this last weekend!

Arontius and Laurellen.
Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Their Excellencies on 06/02/2014

From the June Faire Board Chairpersons

Greetings, Mighty and Amazing Barony! Elisabeth and I thanked many of you in court on Sunday, but we know we missed a lot of people and wish to try to rectify that here, although it is doomed to failure in terms of remembering everyone. And that's the beauty of our Barony and friends of our Barony: We are so quick to help and so invested in the group success that Elisabeth and I know we can't possibly be thanking everyone who deserves it.

Before getting to the thank you portion of this, however, I'd like to share a couple of Hero stories that I personally witnessed this past weekend.

I witnessed Sir John Wolfstan, sore back and all, spend several hours at the Whack a Knight eric allowing little modern children to pummel him unmercifully, just so they could dance about his supine body in a frenzy of medieval glory and joy. Seriously, this sort of sacrifice and giving will come back many fold, in many ways.

I witnessed Duke Tiernan mor dal Cais, while in the midst of a tournament, approach and challenge a young modern visitor to a dual, which he unfortunately lost, much to the happiness of the child. That is one little boy who will always remember his encounter with one of the finest examples of chivalry and honor our Kingdom has ever produced.

I witnessed many, many archers, from many places other than Dragon's Laire, engaged in helping the modern public enjoy the art of archery, thus giving up their own range time for others. And I witnessed many of our own fine archers not only helping but also being in charge of the modern archery range, which allowed a significant number of visitors to participate in a fun and exciting sport. I am most fervently and wholeheartedly grateful for not only our archers but the archers from other lands who pitched in to make that aspect successful.

I witnessed His Lordship Conchobar Mac Eoin and His Lordship Ermenrich "Morgan" Goutman spend hours regaling the modern audience with explanations of the fighting and general information about our game in a manner so full of charm and grace that little doubt can exist that their listeners weren't living the dream.

I witnessed Lady Athelina Gray gracefully teaching our modern visitors various dances and thereby lighting within them a bit of the flame we all share.

There were so many other selfless acts of giving - I can only apologize that I cannot list each and every one here...time, space and memory fail me, but my heart overflows with gratitude.

Of our June Faire Event Team...
His Excellency Master Arontius, who was our Site Coordinator. Amongst many duties, he negotiated almost all the infrastructure contracts and made sure we had permits, etc., which allowed us to not only stay within our budget but to have the event in the first place.

His Excellency SIR Master Cedric Wlfraven (Sword Brother!), who was our SCA Coordinator in charge of the overall layout of the event on the PG grounds. Oh, and for providing an amazing Knighting ceremony that was not only richly deserved but brought in a goodly number of extra attendees, thereby assuring we would make a tidy little profit. :)

Dame Ellen, our Marketplace Coordinator, who along with her very able deputy, Countess Elizabeth, managed to stuff our marketplace full of interesting and money-worthy merchants, provide busking and bardic spaces and in general create an opportunity for both SCA and modern visitors to take some of the Current Middle Ages home with them. They were also very ably assisted by merchants Redwolf and Silverwind...again.

Our A&S Village, which is near and dear to all of us crafty wonks, was once again an amazing place to be. It was masterminded by His Lordship Mateusz with able assistance from Her Ladyship Talia, and was vital to the overall "medieval" feel of the event. I love the Village as it truly shows the best of our Society and what we can do...plus it serves as the perfect counterweight to my other love, the Heavy Fighting. See? We're not ALL stick jocks! :)

Her Excellency, Dame Brighid Ross once again beautified our site with her decorating. Her flags and banners were nice as well. I think we can all agree that we look pretty danged spiffy when she's done with us.

Despite some health issues, Lady Jess and her family worked tirelessly all weekend to provide a seamless traffic flow and to collect ALL the monies...something near and dear to my little autocratic heart.

Elisabeth and I were very wonderfully taken care of the entire event by many people but most actively (and fetchingly) by Lady Kloe. She has a genius for making those around her smile and she was wonderful all weekend. Oh, and she is responsible for Continuity as well, so she will be contributing directly to the future success of this event.

Lord Stuart and Lady Skalla were stalwarts all through the planning process and absolutely locked down the parking side of the event. I didn't hear one single complaint all weekend about their area of responsibility and that is a just measure of the hard work they invested there.

The Marshallate team of Maestra Althaia, Lord Arqai, Don Talon, His Lordship Loegaire (Loric), His Lordship Myrick and His Lordship Stephen was nothing short of spectular this year. Each of those discrete facets of the Marshallate went off beautifully, were heavily attended and stretched this very talented and hard working crew to their limits...which is good since it means their efforts were successful! They were assisted by many others, including the Barony of Blatha An Oir on the Whack a Pell idea, and many voice heralds, eric marshalls, etc...but the main credit goes to the team and their perseverance in pulling this off. I wish to make a public apology to His Lordship Loegaire for my rather intense and profane comments on Sunday during our discussion of Modern Archery...while not backing off one iota on how I feel about that portion of our event, I do wish to say that I am sorry for my language choices and that I respect your right to your own opinions in that regard. Some of my word choices were less than professional and respectful and for that I am heartily sorry.

Camping was efficiently and ably administered by His Lordship Myrick and his primary team of His Lordship Jahnkin and Lord Avangr. Everyone seemed happy with their placement (wonder of wonders!) and it was all done with a minimum of fuss and muss and no Event Steward involvement...so a total win in my book!

Dame Madrun handled our pre-reg, bravely eschewing the ACCEPS system in favor of an old-school approach which she made work admirably. We may suggest other alternatives to the next team, but it worked for this one.

His Lordship Theodoric showed very great divot replacement skills in the RV area after a dropped stabilizer bar incident, and otherwise made sure the RV area never once became an Event Steward concern. His "fiefdom" (his term) was well and truly managed in the best possible way. And thanks also to Her Ladyship Pernell and Lord Richard for their roles as RV emergency check point for the weekend.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Her Ladyship Xian, despite a late addition to the team, proved to be as resourceful, persistent and fun as we could have hoped. She rescued several activities with her efforts on Saturday and Sunday and we very much in her debt.

No event happens in a vacuum, and our Publicity Coordinator, Dame Angharad, did an outstanding job of promoting our event to the outside world, including several mentions on KOMO tv in the days just prior to the event. She was also responsible for Family Activities and like many new additions to any event, we can support it better in the future thus ensuring its viability. Many thanks for setting it up and many thanks to Madeline for doing her lampworking demo. And many thanks to Yvonne for letting the kids pummel him at games...clever, I tell you. Sucks them right in to the SCA experience.

The Officers of the Barony were such a huge part of the success of the event..each doing their part to contribute and to make the Board's jobs easier. Vivat to an Officer cadre that is talented and dedicated!

The Barony of Dragon's Mist had most of their people not be able to attend, so Their Excellencies Baron Refr Fiachson and Baroness Svava (and I believe their daughter) stood duty both Saturday and Sunday all day, with help from many willing volunteers. They were magnificent in crisis and we are indebted to them immensely.

Chatelaine duties were handled by HL Eileen (who's full SCA name escapes me at the moment) with her usual grace and finesse. The modern public spent much time asking her questions throughout the weekend.

Our visitors were garbed in style by Lady Anya and Lord Malcolm through our Gold Key. The selection was visible on entry to the Faire, allowing for easy access so our modern guests could enjoy the event in style.

HE Barnet and HE Tsuruko were gracious to rent us the golf cart, thus sparing our legs and feet from extreme wear-and-tear. It is greatly appreciated by us both as well as others in the Barony who benefited from it's use.

The portable toilets (Biffies) were lit throughout the night by the placement of chemsticks by the youth of our Barony - Samantha of Blackberry Hollow, Shannon (Elisabeth's daughter) and Cecilia von Katzenheim (Andras and Liesl's daughter). Their service was appreciated by all...especially at oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Shannon also helped place emergency signs and deliver supplies throughout the event on Friday evening.

Many households were instrumental in making this event work properly...House Bacon (love that name), House Awry, House Horn, House Brown Cloaks and the Barony's own warband, the Myrrmidons, who did amazing feats of volunteerism all weekend. Thank you to each of and every member of those households and groups for their efforts!

The Sheriff's Cadets did an outstanding job, once again, of controlling traffic both in the mill area and the very busy main road.

Special thank you to Isobel (Damn it), who watered, fed and otherwise helped wherever and and whenever her tyrant mentor asked...she made much work seem light by her assistance.

And finally (except for the many we undoubtedly have missed), our personal families and friends...without their support we would not have been able to do our jobs and we are highly and forever grateful to them for that support.

Sincerely, Your Event Stewards,
Andras and Elisabeth

(Disclaimer: Any typos, bad grammar, misspent youth or memory issues in the above are strictly the responsibility of the Event Stewards and does not in any manner reflect the attitude or gratitude of the Barony itself.)

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by The June Faire Chairpersons on 06/02/2014

Setting Up: the Storage Unit Run

It was a massive turn-out tonight, with a record broken on how quickly we loaded everything into the U-Haul. A sincere thank you to all those who participated:

It can sometimes be a challenge to get that many people working in the same direction. But all of the above worked at it like they had practices. It was amazingly smooth.

Many, many, thanks!

Baron, Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Baron Arontius on 05/28/2014

From Sir Cedric

There is no way i could start to name names and get everyone who made June Faire what it was. From those that helped with set up and tear down to donating to my Vigil and then witnessing such a milestone in my life. I am humbled by the generosity and good will that is Dragons Laire.

p.s. Surrounding areas, branches, people. etc let me put it this way. FOR ME JUNE FAIRE WAS EPIC........

Sir Cedric Wlfraven

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Sir Cedric Wlfraven on 06/03/2014

Did You Notice the Roving Bards?

THL Ataliana made the rugs and flags which signified the bardic 'stages'. She placed them about the event, and they were very well received. HL Rhiannon of Eaglesflight writes:
While working at the Scribal tent it was quite lovely to have performers in front of us keeping us entertained.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Sir Cedric Wlfraven on 06/04/2014

And HL Pernell adds:
I really liked the bardic rugs at June Faire. It seemed like there were bards performing everywhere, all the time


Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Sir Cedric Wlfraven on 06/04/2014

Dirty Dozen Contest Thank Yous

I want to thank all of the people who participated in the Dirty Dozen Donation Derby that was held at June Faire in Port Gamble, WA, this weekend.

Thank you to:

The winner of the Baron & Baroness' (of Dragon's Laire) Choice Award, went to M'lady Morgan Donner, the winner of Their Majesties Choice Award went to HL Elizabeth FittzWilliam and the over-all winner, buy populace vote, was myself, with an entry of 12 Different Weaves of Chain Maille Necklaces.

A special thank you goes out to M'lady Greta of Dragon's Laire who was so wonderful and stayed with me most of the day, giving me breaks, helping me to count votes and separate the largesse to give it to Their Majesties and Their Excellencies at the end of the day.

It was a great derby and fun was had by all!

Lady Diana Cartier

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Lady Diana Cartier on 06/02/2014

Gate Thank Yous

It was an honor to be the Gate Mistress for June Faire this year.  It was a huge job but with the help of many fine members of the Barony and Kingdom it went smoothly and without any issues. 

The following people gave up their time on Friday to help out (please forgive any misspellings and the lack of titles): Renart, Diana, Bronwyn, Emil, Allesendra, Barbara, Aline, Maizelin, Tamlyn, Kierran, Brian of Cardiff, the gentleman from Clan Cairn whose name escapes me, Althaia, Adena, and Bri. Thank you!  I couldn't have done it without you!

The following people helped with SCA and modern gate on Saturday and Sunday: Ismay, Liz Carter, Liesel von Langental, Their Excellencies of Dragon's Mist and their daughter, and a few other lovely ladies and gentlemen whose names I didn't get.  Thank you for giving up your time at the event to help get our modern guests through gate quickly and with a smile.  

A very special thank you to Titus, who not only worked modern gate for several hours on Saturday, but who also worked it again for a couple hours on Sunday.  Titus, you rock!

A special thank you also goes to Brenna, who sat and untangled site tokens for over two hours on Friday morning.


I will admit I was a bit stressed that I didn't have enough coverage for all the gate shifts, however, our awesome populace came out of the woodwork and offered their time.  Thank you to everyone who offered to help but were turned away due to the over abundance of offers.

June Faire wouldn't be June Faire without the help of House Awry.  Thank you for helping with parking, traffic flow and ghosting.  It was a pleasure working with you and I'm proud to call you my friends. 


Massive thank yous to my parking deputies, Stuart and Skalla of House Awry.  You two are awesome!  I heard nothing but good things about parking.  Skalla, everyone loved the site tokens.  Thank you for running point on them.

Many thanks to Madrun for taking care of pre-reg, running merchant gate and listening when I needed an ear.  I'm honored to have you as a friend.

A big thank you to Andras and Elizabeth for giving me the opportunity to run gate.  You are wonderful leaders and I had a great time working with you.

And last, but not least, thank you to my husband, Ehrig, for keeping me sane, making sure I had food and water, helping me move pop ups, tables, signs, and all the other stuff associated with gate.  I couldn't have done this without you.

If I've some how missed thanking you, thank you!  I appreciate all your hard work.  Many hands make light work and that was proven this past weekend. 

In Service,
Lady Jess, June Faire 2014 Gate Mistress

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Lady Jess on 06/03/2014

From Gold Key

June Faire has come & gone,( much to the relief of some). For Yours Truly , June Faire was a Learning Experience.( Very instructive, I might add).

Our establishment was smaller than in past years, but it still worked. We were very busy during June Faire.

To my Minions,(Self-Named), I not only thank you, but greatly appreciate you for all your hard work, & keeping me SANE!!!! Those Fantastic Minions are: HL Malcolm Radcliffe,( my Deputy, & Husband), HL Rhiannon, Lady Alessandra, Lord Emil, M'ladies Magdalena, Morgan, their daughter, (of whom I unfortunately forgot her name- I'm sorry!),Katheryn, Ariana, M'lady Isemay MKenze, M'lords Cyrus & Dan, & last, but not least, M'lady Tessa, & M'lord Justin, both of House Awry. I apologize if I forgot anyone- you know who you are.

I look forward to next June Faire.

Yours In Service,
Your Friendly, Neighborhood Gold Key,
HL Anya MacLachlan

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by HL Anya MacLachlan on 06/03/2014

From the June Faire Kitchen

Our Kitchen Demo does not happen without the work of many hands.

Some helped with set-up and take down; Lady Dianna, HL Renart, Lady Ela, HL Margaret, m'lady Agatha, HL Theodoric, Lord Charles, HL Yvon and a few hands I have no names for.

In the heat of the Kitchen; we had Lord Charles, fire tender extraodinaire, HL Renart, Arianna, HL Theodoric, Agatha, and HL Margaret.

Others also provided material assistance, mostly in eggs, Angharad and Marcus, Renart and Ela. and pottery from Mistress Gwen.

Also Thanks to all who bought one of our new Pie and Tart Cookbooks.

My Daughter Lydia for care and feeding and as always my Lord Husband Mateusz for his patience and support for many years.


Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by HL Rycheza y Polska on 06/03/2014

From the Merchant Coordinator

I apologize for not posting my Thank You's sooner.

First I would like to thank the entire June Fair Team. From the Leadership to all the other Committee Heads, everyone was committed to putting on the Best June Fair Ever. We had each other's backs and pulled it off.

To Countess Elisabeth - Your calm presence and thoughtful suggestions helped work through some of the more thorny problems. She balanced assistance and presence in the Market Place with her duties in the A&S beautifully.

Lord Ulf and Lady Silverwind of Redwolf. They were our Merchant Liaisons and Emergency Contact in the Market Place. They showed up at 8:00 am on Thursday and assisted in the layout the Market Place before setting up their own booth. They helped Countess E and I direct Merchants to their spots and fielded questions.

I owe a special Thank you to the Myrmidons, who came to the assistance of a merchant that was too ill to pack up his camp. They were patience itself with his inability to make decisions due to fever. (Your cookies will be delivered next Tuesday)

HL Talia who placed the Bardic Stations around the Market Place. It added so much to the atmosphere, and was deeply appreciated by both the public and the merchants.

And not to be forgotten, Tsuruko Sensei and Master Ralg who tried to keep me fed, watered and sunscreened - when they could catch me.

You all Rock!

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Dame Ellen on 06/04/2014

Another Thank You I need to make:
House Horn did a fantastic job of keeping the garbages picked up and emptied in both the Market Place and around the Erics. This can be a thankless job - unless it is not done. They were so diligent that there was practically nothing to pick up on Monday.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Dame Ellen on 06/04/2014

Countess Elisabeth adds:

This one goes out to all the Myrmidons, especially Andromache, Titus, Ajax, Neoptolemus, Trent and also Ben of the Storm Crows.  Pitching in to help with the long, heavy pack up of a merchant who got sick was both gracious and generous, as you all had plenty of other things you could have been doing.  Thank you very much.  This is the kind of behavior that is an example for all of us.

Much appreciated,
Countess Elisabeth

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Countess Elisabeth on 06/04/2014

Sir Andras continues:

I would echo those sentiments...and add Idomenius to the names. Thank you so very much, both for the merchant and also for the merchant coordinator crew who were able to shut it down on time.

Sir Andras

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Sir Andras on 06/04/2014

From the RV Coordinator

The RV ghetto is just a small corner of the event, but it still takes several hands to make everything go smoothly.

Thanks to THL Myrick and Lord Avengr for assistance in laying out the field. Also to THL Pernell for serving as emergency contact point person.

Especial thanks to M'lord Richard who served as my deputy and who assisted in layout, parking, as emergency contact person overnight, and as my eyes during pack-out when I was called to be elsewhere.

I thank Sir Andras and THL Elizabeth for the opportunity once more to serve.

THL Theodoric The Scholar
(Who was just joking with that fief thing, honestly!)

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by HL Theodoric the Scholar on 06/03/2014

From the Camp-o-crat

Sorry for not getting this out sooner, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that had a hand in making the camping part of June Faire a huge sucess this year. First off I would like to thank Sir Andras and HL Elisabeth for allowing me the opportunity to take on this huge part of June Faire, it was a pleasure to work with both of you and I hope that we get to work together again in the future.

I would like to thank HL Jahnkin, HL Theodoric, and Lord Avengr, for making sure that every detail was covered you all made the daunting process of placing people in the right spot easier. I would also like to thank HE Arontius for ensuring that we had all the supplies we needed early on the day of setup. I would also like to thank a new person to our Barony her name is Alex and she was with the team from the start on Thursday while we were marking the land out and also all the way up to the end of the day on Friday. I Would also like to thank Gwain from the Shire he was a huge help with placing people in the area that he was camping in so we did not have huge open spot. And last but not least I would like to thank Dame Madrun for taking in all the reservations and inputting them into a spreadsheet. So I tip my hat to all that had a hand in helping with the camping at June Faire this year...Oh I would also like to thank Lady Jess and her rotating gate crew for trying to figure out the map and place people in their respective locations if I was not in the area at the time. If I missed anyone...Well I thank you too even if you came by gate just to have a laugh and make the whole day lighter. Thank you Dragon's Laire you guys all rock!

In Service,
HL Myrick le Bear
Camping Coordinator June Faire 2014

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by HL Myrick le Bear on 06/04/2014

Coming Back from Storage 5 Days Later

Just wanted to send out a small set of gratitude towards those who assisted with the loading of the Rental Truck this afternoon and then the unloading at the Storage Units. Even though we were all tired, working on breaking down our own encampments, wanting to be home, all these good gentles took some extra time and effort to take part in one of the more difficult portions of June Faire, the put away.

On site, I would especially like to call out THL Marcus, the members House Awry, Lady Diana Cartier, Lord Stephen of House Awry, Shane the Archer (Axelus, I believe, is his SCA name), Maestra Althaia, THL Stephen Des Jardin, Sir Andras Truemark, THL Elisabeth Trostin, and any others I may have overlooked. We were all over the site to pick up all the stray bits and pieces. Thank you for your help.

When everyone especially wanted to get home to take a bath and relax their sore muscles, the following extremely generous gentles helped with the unloading into the Big Storage Unit itself. Many thanks to Lord Ajax, Dame Madrun, THL Renart, Shane the Archery and his good lady (whom I should know but my brain has shut off on me:-)), THL Myrick, THL Aileen, THL Anya, Lady Diana, and Lord Stephen of House Awry. We were all so tired, but still kept everything humorous and moving along. A wondrous group of hard workers with whom to toil.

A special thank you to His Excellency Barnet for transporting the straw bales off site on his trailer. Even though he could not be at the event over the weekend, he still took time out of his busy weekend to help us.

A final thank you to THL Renart the Fox and Lord Stephen of House Awry for accompanying me to the smaller storage unit to deliver the Gold Key garb back to its home. They stayed until the bitter end to help and I can’t thank them enough.

Many, many thanks to all of you. After the pack out I was back to site to pick up Lobelia, the RV just as the sun was setting, which is always my benchmark for a successful June Faire pack-out. :-)

Baron, Dragon’s Laire.

Sent to the Dragon's Laire Email List by Baron Arontius on 06/01/2014

Date: May 30st, 31st and June 1st, 2014
Port Gamble, WA

June Faire is our demonstration event for the public and it is HUGE! It's our chance to show off everything that makes the SCA worthwhile!


Click here.

Marshallate Activities at June Faire!

Consult this page and/or download this document for activities, times and more!

Documents for Running Events

Documents about running events, especially June Faire, can be found on the Baronial Documents and Forms page.

Pre-Registration Form

The full information on pre-registration is in the main body of this webpage, to the left. Here is a link to the pre-registration form. Please do read the information on this page!

For Prospective June Faire Merchants

Please read this document (pdf) giving information about being a June Faire Merchant.

You will find the application for merchanting here (pdf).

June Faire 2014 Event Team!

Board of Directors

The Barony of Dragon's Laire

Pictures from June Faire 2013

Dame Gwen has kindly provided a gallery of pictures from this year's June Faire. Awesome shots!

THL Marcus Tullius also has provided a site for June Faire 2013. Visit http://gallery.blackberryhollowfarm.com/jf2013 to check it out!

June Faire, on the TV!

Local TV Station Komo featured an online story about June Faire 2013. Check it out!