June Faire: 3-5 June, 2016

Join Their Majesties of An Tir and Conchobar MacEoin and Eilidh Keldeleth, Baron and Baroness of Dragon’s Laire, as we usher in a NEW SITE for June Faire! This is our annual public demonstration and our premier Baronial event. Come and participate in Archery, Thrown Weapon, Fully Armored Tournaments, Rapier and Youth Combat Tournaments. Immerse yourself and demonstrate your skills in the Artists Village . Enjoy shopping in the Merchants area of the June Faire Village ! Please be prepared to show our modern guests all the wonders of the SCA with your dedication and skill.

Tax Court at June Faire!

Our own Dear Baron writes:
Taxes.....an uncomfortable word, but a necessary one. Ours is a prosperous barony, but the prosperity must be paid for and the barony must be s upported. So, at June Faire, there will be a tax court some time in the middle of the activities. Taxes can take the form of largess to Us, or Their Majesties, tokens of esteem to individual competitors or modern guests, personal gifts to someone, payment of commissions, promises of service...or really anything.The goal is to show the modern public some of the pageantry and fun of court but also to show chivalric deeds, artistic endeavour and theater. So, have a thing which you promised to make someone? Present it in tax court. Have largess to donate? Tax court. Have a token to bestow? Tax court.

Posted to the Dragon's Laire Email List on 05/16/2016.

And on that Note...

Largess! Largess is always important to the Barony, but even moreso at June Faire. Make largess and bring it to the event! Bring it by a Fighter Practice before the event. Give it to Dame Gwen, the Baronial largess coordinator, or Their Excellencies themselves, or Magistra Aelianora, the head of retinue. Make largess! We love it!!!

New Site for June FAIRE!!

We have a NEW SITE for June Faire. June Faire in 2016 will be held at the Norseland site near the Bremerton Airport. We hosted September Crown here a few years back. There are great expanses of flat land for camping and the views of the mountains create an exceptional ambiance.

Site Map

Here's a generalized map of the layout of the new site for June Faire. This shows where the different parts of the faire will be located. Please note that further down the page there is a map showing directions on how to get to the site.

(Click on the map to pull up a bigger version)

We Need Volunteers!!!

We always need Volunteers at June Faire, as this is a huge event and many hands make light work! We need people for gate, for lists, for erics, for heraldry, for setting up and taking down the baronial pavilion and other pavilions, to run parking on Friday, and to walk the site for rubbish cleanup after the event. These are just some of the areas in which volunteer help would be very, very appreciated!

Note that we need field heralds to herald the various tournaments throughout the weekend. There are 8 fields that need to be covered (4 armored & 4 rapier). Please consider helping out. Training will be available. If you are interested in doing this contact the Baronial Herald, Murakami Tsuruko Sensei!

The Steward needs help too! On Wednesday, June 1st, he will need help at the Baronial Storage Unit, to load up the Uhaul. And on the 2nd of June, the next day, help will be needed to unload the unit at the site! Contact the Baronial Steward, Master Arontius of Bygelswade, and/or the June Faire Board Chairman (see email list to the right) to help! Also, help is needed in transporting the Poulsbo Road Signs and installing them into position in Poulsbo. They are put into place on Sunday, May 29th, after 5PM. Assistance would be greatly appreciated in pulling them down the Monday after June Faire, June 6th, and into the U-Haul for transport back to storage. Once again, contact the Baronial Steward if you can help!

Archery and Thrown Weapons Always Loves Volunteers to help! June Faire Archery cannot be successful without Marshals. The Modern range will need people willing to give 30 minutes to an hour of their time to help on the range. Remember, this range is a HUGE hit, as it is one of the few things our Modern Guests, especially children, can do when they come to the event. Our Chief Archer needs people willing to help give our youth guests the best chance at hitting the target. So please come and help! Requirements are few: Love helping, have archery skills.

Tournaments at June Faire!

THL Arqai Ne'urin, MIC, June Faire 2016, has announced the tournaments for the Faire!

For all armored activities of the weekend, all weapons forms will be allowed, provided of course that you are authorized in that form. Spear length will be limited to seven feet.

First up on Saturday will be a charity “Buy-In” tournament for the benefit of two veterans charities. The “Buy-In” will be $10 per entrant. Don't have a spare ten spot? Not to worry. Sponsorships are allowed and encouraged. There will be a two lists available at sign up to fascilitate matching up prospective fighters with prospective sponosrs. The format will be round robin (everyone fights everyone once) where we will have multiple list fields. The fighters will report their wins and losses to list. We will take the top 16 fighters (sweet 16) for the semi-finals. The list will then procede as a Double Elimination until a clear winner is decided.

Saturday afternoon will be the "Three Circles of the Afterlife". There will be three list fields. Where you start will depend on your fighting experience. The First Circle will be new fighters (less than a year experience or never won a tournament). The Second Circle will be for more experienced fighters and new fighters that have won a tournament. The Third Circle will be for Knights. Only fights won in the First Circle count towards a fighter's total for the tournament. If you win a fight, you move up a circle. If you loose a fight, you move down a circle. Winning fighters in the First Circle will report their wins to lists to be totaled and will stay in the First Circle. After a set amount of time (to be determined) we will take the top three winners who will fight "round robin" style to determine the overall winner.

Sunday we are going to hold heavy "team demo" type tournaments. Bring your Warband or build one on site.

And here's a reminder. This is a major “demo” for our game. Bring it. Be awesome. Be shiney. Our modern guests will be watching.


Pre-registration fees:
Adults ages (18+): $17, $12 with members discount
17 and under: Free

Please submit your pre-registration. It makes things so much quicker and easier at gate. You can download the form, which includes all the instructions for pre-registering, here.

Remember, the due date for pre-registration is May 23rd. All forms must be received by then!

Camping and RV Reservations

RV reservations can be made through the RV coordinator, Master Ralg. Camping reservations can be made through the SCA coordinator, Dame Madrun.

Map to Site

Date: June 3-5, 2016
Norseland - Bremerton Airport
8707 SW Sentinel Peak Way
Bremerton, WA 98312

June Faire is our demonstration event for the public and it is HUGE! It's our chance to show off everything that makes the SCA worthwhile!

June Faire 2016 Event Team

Board of Directors

General Staff:


Pre-Registration for the event is open! Download the form, read the instructions, fill it out and get it sent in. Due date is May 23rd!

Documents for Running Events

Documents about running events, especially June Faire, can be found on the Baronial Documents and Forms page.

Pictures from June Faire 2015

Once again, one of Dragon's Laires most wonderful photographers, THL Marcus, has sent in a link to his pictures of June Faire. Enjoy them!

Pictures from June Faire 2014

THL Marcus sent this link to his pictures of June Faire.