Events in Dragon's Laire

Dragon's Laire has held events since before it was a Barony. Indeed, we are coming up on the 35th annual June Faire, in 2017. Some of our events, like June Faire, have been run for almost the entire existence of the Barony and former Shire of Dragon's Laire. Other events come and go, and change as needed.

All of our events are run by volunteers. Each event has a manager, we call this position the 'autocrat', or a director in the case of June Faire. The autocrat puts together an event proposal (link takes you to the proposal form in pdf) and bid, assembles a team and oversees the running of the event. Volunteering, in whatever capacity possible, in an important part of being a member of the Barony of Dragon's Laire. Please help us make our events successful and fun by volunteering!

Recurrent Traditional Events

'Stock' events for Dragon's Laire include Candlemas, June Faire, Last Chance and Yule. Candlemas takes place in February, and is a single day event. For many years it featured the Baronial Rapier Championships. Traditionally some sort of feast, or lunch, or both, is held at the Candlemas event. Currently the Arts and Sciences and Bardic Championships of the Barony are held at Candlemas.

June Faire began as public demonstration; a chance to showcase the research and work the populace of Dragon's Laire do to re-enact medieval life. It was also the event at which Dragon's Laire heavy championship was held until the championship was switched to Last Chance in order to provide more tourney and demonstration opportunities at June Faire. As mentioned above, next year will be the 30th year of June Faire. Come join us and help make the 30th June Faire fabulous!

The timing of Last Chance changes from time to time, but it is usually at the end of the camping season. Last Chance traditionally held the Archery and Thrown Weapons Championships, and from time to time the Equestrian Championship, of the Barony. Last Chance now holds all championships with the exception of Arts and Sciences and Bardic. Last Chance is traditionally a two day camping event.

Yule occurs in December. It a one day event, usually featuring a feast. It is a chance to gather and celebrate the holiday season with good friends and Baronial family. At one time Yule held the Arts and Sciences and Bardic Championships.

Semi-Recurrent, and Changing, Events

A and S Days are usually held twice a year, fall and spring. The dates vary. The purpose of the day is to allow people to spend time working on their projects, learning, and teaching.

At times, and as needed, the Barony holds other events; for instance, Sergeantry Trials and the Baronial Picnic have been held in the past, and will likely be held in the future.

And of course, the Barony holds and sponsors Kingdom Events as needed. In 2017, the Barony will be hosting Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Bardic.