Officers of the Barony

badge of the Seneschal
Seneschal: Administrative Head of Branch - THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae
badge of the Marshal
Baronial Marshal: Oversees combat activities - THL Stuart of House Awry
Arts and Sciences Badge
Arts and Sciences Minister: Oversees Arts and Sciences - Murakami Tsuruko Sensei
badge of the Chronicler
Chronicler: Chronicles day to day activities - THL Sayako Enoki
badge of the Exchequer
Exchequer: Baronial Financial Officer - THL Gabrielle de Cameron
Badge of the Chatelaine
Chatelaine: Welcomes Newcomers to the Barony - Isemay Makenzie
Archery badge
Chief Archer: Archery contact and Marshal - Lady Artunis
Badge of the Rapier Marshal
Rapier Marshal: Rapier activities and Marshal - Lord Ambrose
Thrown Weapons: Marshal for Thrown weapons (knives and daggers) activities - Lord Marcel Boutet
Baronial Siege Marshal: Throws things really far with really cool engines! - THL Milo of House Awry
badge of the Herald
Golden Dragon Pursuivant: Heraldic Voice duties - Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol
Baronial Steward: Organizes branch properties - Master Arontius of Bygelswade
Equestrian badge
Equestrian Officer: Marshal for Equestrian Activities - In Abeyance
Lists Badge
Mistress of Lists: Keeps the Combat Lists - THL Liu Xian
Webminister Badge
Baronial Webminister: Maintains the website - Lord Máenach of Dragon's Laire
Youth Armored Combat Marshal: Directs Youth Armored Combat - Position Open
Baronial Scribe: Deals with Baronial Scribal Matters - THL Rhiannon of Eagle's Flight
Librarian: Maintains Baronial library - THL Ela Pennayth
Family Activities: Coordinates activities for families and children - In Abeyance
Gamesmaster: Teaches period games - Position Open