Welcome to Dragon's Laire

Our Next Event: Yule

Yule will be Saturday December 6th at Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Bremerton. Head to the webpage for more info!

Upcoming A&S championships are at Candlemas in February

There is a lot of information about this on the Arts and Sciences Competitions webpage and there is also some on the Candlemas webpage.

Our Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion, Dame Madrun Gwehyddes writes:
Artisans, Bards and Scholars of Dragon's Laire! Let me echo the words of our Arts and Sciences Minister, HL Mateuz, and ask that you please consider competing in the upcoming Arts and Sciences or Bardic or Scholar Championships. It is an opportunity to inspire and educate others , challenge yourself, and to do honor to your Barony (and it's fun, really). And as Mateuz has said, there is a wealth of information and support available from the Arts and Sciences Minister and deputies as well as past champions and contestants. The rules are up on the Dragon's Laire website. Dame Gwen teaches an excellent set of classes on how to prepare to compete and to document your entry. The Dragon's Laire championships are also a wonderful chance for anyone preparing to compete in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences/Bardic championships to test run their presentation.

Here's a list of current and past Dragon's Laire champions residing in the Barony. Seek them out and find out just how rewarding entering the competition can be.

A&S Champions: Rycheza z Polska, Laurellen de Brandevin, Brighid Ross, Talia de Segna, Gwen the Potter, Pernell Kamber, Mateuz z Plocka, Aelianora de Wyntringham, Madrun Gwehyddes

Bardic Champions: Talia de Segna, Arontius of Bygelswade, Andromache of Lesbos, Brighid Ross

Scholars: Aelianora de Wyntringham, Rycheza z Polska, Madrun Gwehyddes

Sent to the DL email list on 11/25/14

Dragon's Laire is Hosting Kingdom Arts and Sciences

Kingdom Arts and Sciences will be held in Bremerton in 2015 and is being hosted by us! For more information stay tuned here, and check out the event webpage!

Winter Martialate Practice Schedules

As of October 2014:

Our new Coronets Were Invested at September Crown!

Congratulations to THL Conchobar MacEoin and THL Eilidh Keldeleth!

The investiture was a lovely ceremony during Saturday evening court at Crown. Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh were accompanied into court by all the members of the Barony at Crown; all carrying baronial flags and their own arms. Baron Conchobar and Baroness Eilidh's first Baronial event is Harvest Feast. Please come and help them celebrate!

The heirs to the Coronets: THL Conchobar MacEoin and THL Eilidh Keldeleth, and their wonderful son Roman

Awards to the Baronial Populace at September Crown

The outgoing Baron, Master Arontius of Bygelswade, was awarded a Court Barony. Now he will be Excellency for life! The outgoing Baroness, Marquessa Laurellen, was awarded an augmentation of arms. And both of course, are given the love and gratitude of the faithful populace of Dragon's Laire for their caring and service as Our Baron and Baroness

Heading in to Court at Baroness' War

Their Former Excellencies of Dragon's Laire, Master Arontius and Marquessa Laurellen, processing in to Court at Baroness' War, 2014.

Copyright James and Carole Simmons, 2014, used with permission

We Need You to Submit Award Recommendations!

Before every Crown event, and many of the local events, it is important to remember to submit your recommendations for awards for your compatriots in the Barony. Testimonials from people who witness a good gentle doing a good deed are always important, save them up and submit them in an award recommendation to the Crown! You can do this easily online.

The Baron and Baroness request that if you do recommend someone for award that you drop them a note so that they can add their input as well.

If you see someone who works hard, creates beautiful artwork, provides leadership and inspiration, but you do not know what to recommend for an award, let the Baron and Baroness know. Tell them your anecdotes and observations, they’ll help sort it out and get that recommendation submitted. This is true for both Baronial and Kingdom level awards.

Weekly Baronial Fighter Practice and Social:

We hold a weekly Baronial Fighter Practice, Social and get together every Tuesday night at the VFW Hall on Central Valley in Bremerton, WA from 6pm-8pm. All are welcome! See the Map for the location.

Sometimes we have additional fight practices at other locations. See the marshallate pages for more information.


For those interested in the Arts & Science (A&S) side of the SCA classes are held at the Baronial Social (generally each Tuesday of the Month) at the VFW Hall on Central Valley in Bremerton, WA -  from 6pm-8pm. Please consult the Events Calendar for more information.


Our practices and classes at practice are open to anyone interested and do not require medieval dress. Our events are also open to anyone but do require medieval dress. Loaner clothing can be arranged for our local events through Gold Key for those who do not have any yet, but it is best to ask in advance because our supply is limited.

About the Barony

The Barony of Dragon's Laire is composed of Kitsap County and Northern Mason County in Washington State, USA. It is well known in the community for our annual June Faire which open to the public. June Faire was once called Medieval Faire, the public may know it by that name still. Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and ages. We share an interest in the history and culture of the Middle Ages and pursue that interest through the study of combat techniques, arts and crafts, social structures and dress of the period. This study starts in the library and moves quickly to the forge, needle and tourney field for a real hands-on approach. This website provides a glimpse into our world and resources for our members.

The Barony of Dragon's Laire is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Inc. It is part of the Kingdom of An Tir (Northwest U.S. and parts of Western Canada.) The SCA is a not-for-profit educational organization that studies the history and culture of the Middle Ages by recreating it. The SCA has branches all over the USA and Canada, as well as many parts of Europe, Australia, and Asia. To locate a branch near you check the SCA Web site.

Our next event: Yule
6th December
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Bremerton

Regalia and Regalia Display

Do you know anything about the history of any of the pieces of Baronial Regalia? Do you have a special story to tell about the time you wore the Champion's cloak, or wielded the Champion's sword? Did you make any of the regalia? If so, please see the regalia section on the coronets webpage. We'd love to learn more about what you know!

Did you know?

We want to hear about YOUR travels in the SCA. If you've gone to another barony, shire or Kingdom to attend an event, or class or workshop, let us know about it! We want to hear of your adventures!

Did you know?

The shire of Dragon's Laire was recognized in 1982 (the first in the newly formed Kingdom of An Tir!), and the Barony of Dragon's Laire was officially recognized at 12th Night in 1995.

Did you know?

Our former rapier champion, Lord Ambrose, became the Kingdom Rapier Champion at 12th Night! Huzzah and Bravo Lord Ambrose! For the second year in a row, Dragon's Laire guards the Kingdom as the Rapier Champion of An Tir!

Did you know?

The Barony hosts another Kingdom Champion in 2014, Dame Madrun is Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion! Does Dame Madrun rock? Yes she does! Does Dragon's Laire rock? Why yes, it does!

The Barony hosts yet another Kingdom Champion. At July Coronation, 2014, Magister Arion the Wanderer became Kingdom Protector! Congrats to Magister Arion!

Dragon's Laire's Warband!

Check out the warband page, and the page for Legio I Draconis for more information on our warband! Dragon's Laire is also proud to have sponsored the Myrmidons. This warband is now integrated on a Kingdom level!

Dragon's Laire in the News!

Dragon's Laire was featured, last July, in our local paper. Here's is a link to the story!

Photos and Video!

Pictures from June Faire 2014! THL Marcus sends this link to his pictures of June Faire.

We have many talented photographers in the Barony. One of them is Dame Gwen the Potter. She has a gallery of all the pictures she's taken on her website. Check it out!

Other talented Baronial photographers included Marcus Tullius Calvus, Talentus, and THL Theodoric. Their pictures, and links to their various galleries, are scattered throughout these webpages.

Bravo to all the talented photographers of the Barony! Thank you SO MUCH for what you do!

Master Ralg took video of the elevation of our Baroness, Mrq. Laurellen, to the order of the Pelican. Here's a link to the video.

Master Ralg took another video of Master Cedric's knighting. Here's a link to that video.